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Storyline Roots (identified so far)

This is a list of storyline roots which have been identified so far. The entries are arranged in a tree to show their descendant relationships.

The episode count after each entry shows the number of episodes that (at present) are identified as actually being part of that storyline; the count does NOT include episodes which belong to other storylines that are children of that storyline; in that way this is an improvement over the old Storytree Index.

The link on the episode count will take you to a page listing all of the episodes in that storyline. If there are less than 5 episodes in the storyline and it has no child storylines, there is no link; you'll need to go to the root episode and follow the children yourself. This was done to save having to create lots of tiny listing pages.

If you think of any storylines that aren't on this list that should be, please contact me with the root episode number and storyline and let me know.

There are currently 9692 identified storylines. The longest storyline is "Fanfic: Ranma 1/2; Master PC in Nerima" with 2755 episodes (not including children)

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