Desire Virus: Susan Makes a Commotion

Unending BE - episode 856338

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It looked like Tiffany was about to say something, but before she could, a young woman approached them and began asking a question. Something about where the tops were located in the store, but Susan wasn't really paying attention. All she knew was that someone was interrupting Tiffany and that made her mad.

Susan grabbed the customer's long hair and yanked her down towards the floor. "How dare you interrupt us, bitch!"

"Susan, what are you doing?!" Tiffany yelled.

"I'm teaching this worthless piece of shit about having manners. Now lick my shoes!" she yelled at the woman.

  1. The Commotion Attracts the Attention of the Store Manager
  2. The Commotion Attracts the Attention of Mall Security
  3. *The Young Woman Immediately Begins Licking Susan's Shoes, Feeling Overwhelmed By Susan's Dominance and Authority
  4. Something Else Happens
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