Pass It On: Big Butt Brianna

Unending BE - episode 851267

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Janice looked hatefully at Brianna, but that just made her and her bitchy friend Hillary laugh even more. Brianna is such a huge ass, Janice thought. I wish she actually had a really big ass!

Then suddenly, Brianna wasn't laughing anymore. A look of shock appeared on her face, as her hands flew down to her skirt. "What the hell is happening?" she asked. "My skirt ..." Her skirt was tightening. But it wasn't the skirt that was shrinking. It was something else that was enlarging.

"Oh my god, Brianna! Your butt!" Hillary said, gasping.

"What about my butt?" Brianna asked. She twisted around so she could see and nearly fainted at the sight. Her ass was way bigger. Surpassing a nice bubble butt, it was a full-on ghetto booty. Her ass was so big now that her skirt was beginning to rip.

Janice could do nothing but stare. She made a wish in her head and it came true! She didn't know how it happened, but she definitely wanted to do it again. Unfortunately, it wouldn't work, because she was no longer wearing the ring. Brianna was, because she was the person that Janice had changed.

"What the hell is going on?!" Brianna yelled, totally freaking out. There was no way she could be a cheerleader with her giant butt hanging out like that. All her dreams of being a professional cheerleader or even a model were suddenly ripped away from her.

  1. *Brianna Ends Up Changing Janice, Causing Janice to Have the Ring Again
  2. Brianna Ends Up Changing a Guy Who Makes Fun of Her Big Butt, Causing the Guy to Have the Ring
  3. *Brianna Ends Up Changing a Girl Who Makes Fun of Her Big Butt, Causing the Girl to Have the Ring
  4. *Something Else Happens
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