Waking Up With Curves: Ranma gets thrown a curve ball

Unending BE - episode 825426

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     Ranma awoke with a start.

     He sat up and peered into the darkness of the room as he looked around himself. He could make out the shapes of his parents, who were still sleeping in their own futons, and not much else. And after his eyes swept over the room a few times, he couldn't find anything amiss. Then he turned to glance at the digital clock behind him, so he could see what time it was.

     It was only going on five in the morning.

     He really wanted to go back to sleep, but for some reason he felt wide awake. In fact, he had enough energy coursing through his body to make him feel a little anxious, what with his current lack of activity. It was strange. While he was a bit of a morning person due to the training regimen that he had during his training journey, he couldn't remember be so "up and at 'em" before. He didn't even think that Kasumi would be awake at this hour, and his mother made sure to wake up at the same time nowadays.

     With a sigh, he pulled his blanket aside and got up. As quietly as he could, he left the room and made his way downstairs, to the bathroom. He figured that he could take care of his morning ablutions now and get it out of the way, and by then Kasumi and his mother might be awake. He may even get some appreciation for filling the furo for that day's use. That normally wouldn't be a big deal for most people, but he'd been feeling rather unappreciated as of late.

     For some reason, no one really respected him. Well, he knew that he'd done some dumb things, and there had been a lot of misunderstandings, but it seemed like the only appreciation he got came from the guys, and their admiration — AKA lust — for his female body. Not even his defiance toward the principal seemed to change anything; the girls were especially convinced that he was a pervert.

     After he entered the changing room and began to remove his pajamas, he began to wonder about his prospects, regarding how his peers saw him. Even though he was probably the best martial artist they knew, that didn't seem to impress them anymore, and he doubted that any more showing off would cut it. The problem was that he didn't have much to offer outside of martial arts, due to how much time had been devoted to it. It had taken him some time to admit it to himself, but he really needed to find some other way of getting their respect and appreciation back.

     More importantly, he needed to convince the female half of his peers that he wasn't a pervert (which his fiancée helped to keep alive and well without his "help"). If he didn't, he feared that he wouldn't get anywhere with much of anyone. He needed more than a fiancée that was full of distrust and had a short fuse, another fiancée who cared more about her business and his place in it with her than him, a Chinese warrior who didn't understand what personal space or what "I'm not interested" meant, and some loony who didn't mind drugging him and had a laugh best forgotten about.

     If things didn't improve soon, he didn't know how long he could keep his friendly facade up. He'd never been all that happy, what with moving around too often to keep any friends, but he'd approached it like he had his training and had toughed it out. But it just wasn't working, anymore. At first it was nice to settle down in one place so he could make a name for himself, and have some actual friends, but the best that he could do was a pair of guys that probably hung out with him so they'd be present whenever he was splashed with cold water. And when Ukyo re-entered his life, he could only pretend that she was a friend (which she didn't want to be).

     Sometimes he was so frustrated that he could scream. But he couldn't do that anymore because his mother might find him unmanly. Heck, he couldn't sulk unless he was sure that his mother wasn't around to to him. It was all becoming too much; something needed to change or else he didn't know what he'd do.

     By this time he'd left the changing room for the bath. As he sat on a stool and picked up a plastic bowl filled with cold water, the room was filled with the sound of the hot water that was slowly beginning to fill up the furo. Using cold water to wash with was routine, since the hot water heater didn't offer much service. That's why hot water was often gotten from the stove.

     What wasn't routine, however, was his transformation into a girl when he dumped the cold water over his — now her — head. She was still a girl, to be sure... but not the same. How could she be, when the size of her breasts blocked all but her knees from view? They weren't that big before!

     Shakily, fearing what she might see, she stood up and looked into the large mirror that was mounted over the faucets. What she saw made her eyes widen, and her mouth to drop open in shock. In the mirror was a girl who was at least a head taller than her usual height, who had long, wavy, lustrous red hair that fell to the back of her knees. She still had blue eyes, but they were set in a face so beautiful and sexy that she couldn't begin to describe it; it simply made the cuteness of before seem so bland. And those breasts... No, those curves! The radiant, blemish-free skin that felt heavenly to the touch! It was... She was...

     Was this what a goddess looked like?

  1. She freaks out.
  2. Whatever her initial reaction is, she can't help but take pride in her body, and begins to see the change positively.
  3. She has mixed feeling about it.
  4. Kasumi, her mother, or both happen upon her.
  5. *Some combination of the above...
  6. ...or something else/more.
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