Riverdale Slutz: Juggsie is Born

Unending BE - episode 787901

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When Big Ethel recieved a magic lamp and one wish, she was saddened to learn that not even magic could cause Juhead Jones to fall in love with her.

However, she thought if she could cure Jug of his woman-hating ways, he would fall in love with her of his own free will. She also decided that Jug's attitude was not true dislike of women, but merely disguised fear and lack of understanding of women.

Thus, she wished that Jughead would no longer hate or fear women, but would instead understand them completely.

And of course, the only way to completely understand something is to BE it.

Thus was born Juggsie, Riverdale's hottest, horniest, babe!

Only Juggsie and Ethel remember how things used to be-- and only Ethel minds!

Juggsie on the other hand, has quickly become Head Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, and Riverdale's Number One Hottie! Archie, Reg, Moose, Dilton and the rest of the junior and senior class openly LUST after her magnificent body and flirtatious personality!

Betty and Veronica now find themselves perpetually fighting for the position of Second Best to Riverdale's new Teen Queen.

And the popular Juggsie often finds herself asked to act as a Special Assistant to Mr. Weatherbee!

And while our Juggsie still has an insatiable appetite, it's no longer food sh craves.

As Ethel often says these days, "This really sucks!!"

(-full credit given to Tebra)

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