Futa Tsunade: Sakura's lesson interrupted

Unending BE - episode 715304

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“Come in!” Tsunade commanded as she continued to thrust, to Sakura's horror.

“What!? No, you can't-”

Sakura's protests came too late, as the door opened and in walked six ninjas that she knew. They barely made it past the threshold before they realised what was going on in front of them and they all stumbled to a halt.

Her best friend, Ino, speechless for once. The shy Hinata whose face was so red that she was liable to faint at any moment. A leering Kiba and his dog Akamaru. The normally unflappable Shino whose surprise was visible even with a face hidden behind sunglasses and a high collar. Tenten, her eyes wide as saucers. And Shikamaru whose genius mind was trying to invent a new word on the spot, since 'Troublesome' didn't begin to cover this one.

Sakura, as the shock passed and she remembered that she was naked, brought a hand up to cover her breasts. But a moment later her reflexes forced her to put the hand back down on the table to steady herself against another insanely strong thrust of Tsunade's penis into the pink-haired girl's tight ass.

“Wh...what's going on?” Ino finally asked.

“Training,” Tsunade replied. Seeing the still-shocked expressions of the ninja in front of her, she rolled her eyes. “This isn't the local high-school playground. You're all Chunin ninja who could see this and much more on the battlefield. One day any one of you could be in Sakura's position in order to fulfil a mission – and I'm including the men in that statement. I expect you to react better than with open-mouthed surprise in these situations.”

The six ninja straightened their postures a bit, but none could tear their eyes off the scene in front of them. Sakura wanted to scream at them to look away but she was too mortified to speak.

“Now then,” Tsunade said as she continued to take pleasure in her apprentice's tight ass, giving the girl an extra hard thrust that forced an unwilling moan from the pinkette's lips. “How did the mission go?”

Shikamaru's eyes valiantly met the Hokage's as he replied, “We succeeded.”

“That's good to hear,” the Hokage replied as she noticeably quickened her thrusts, causing Sakura to visibly jiggle from the on-flowing impact. Having used her medical senses, she knew the girl beneath her was close to climax. After a few seconds of rapid thrusting, Sakura shuddered beneath her as she orgasmed in front of her friends, her skin flushed in embarrassment. Feeling her apprentice's climax, Tsunade grunted as she let her seed spill deep into the pink-haired girl's ass.

“I'll expect the full report on my desk by tomorrow morning,” Tsunade continued as she calmly pulled her slowly softening dick out of her apprentice's anus. “Now then,”

  1. “I have another mission for all of you. A 'training' mission.”
  2. “You're all dismissed. Except for you, Sakura.”
  3. *“Everyone but the girls can leave.”
  4. “Everyone but Sakura and the guys can leave.”
  5. “Everyone but Sakura and Akamaru can leave.”
  6. Something else.
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