Velma: Velma begs Todd to let her suck him off once more

Unending BE - episode 672844

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Velma Jones sat back onto the car seat, wiping off Todd semen from her mouth and face, feeling now totally satisfied, feeling her libido calm now to a much normal level. But which didn't last long as the enchanted chastity belt began to stimulate the libido once more, to levels far worse then before "Oh No, not again"

Todd watched his girlfriend twist and turn everywhere to get comfortable to the point Velma jumped up and grabbed his shirt with both of her trembling hands and twisted sweaty face of a madwoman begging him "Todd please, I must suck your c*ck again . . . RIGHT NOW!"

Todd didn't say a word, because from his right eye, an enchanted camera, which Velma the Dream Witch, placed a spell upon it and control the boysí thoughts, was watching the whole thing from her house in the Smith Household as Sean Smith, he was taking his nymphomaniac bisexual wive doggie style.

"Yes Todd, let Velma Jones suck it and let her do anytime she desires it" Sean/Velma said with an evil laugh, seeing the teenager eagerly going down on Todd like she was an uncontrollable deranging animal. "That it Sean the Author, suck on like your life depended on it, in the end there all will be calling you Sean the co*ksucker and when . . . oh excuse me Sean, that if you ever get your male body back . . . will you have any will power, not to suck another manís penis, ever again . . . oh the game will go on, my little pet Sean the Author?"

Robin turned her head over her sweaty shoulder to push the soak drench red hair from her gray eyes "Who you taking to Sean, I know it not me, to make you laughs so much?"

"Nothing Honey, just had one wicked though" Sean said still laughing to increase his hard thrusts into Robin, hot wet a lobed vagina to make her scream out for more.

  1. *Velma Jones, couldn't believe how many times she sucked Todd off for that month, to only find out Todd miss placed the key and couldn't get the belt off , no matter with any tool or machine
  2. Todd went out of town for the weekend, Velma had to fight with her will power in not to suck off other men?
  3. Velma went to see Sean Smith to maybe he can get the belt off, unbenown to her, it was his idea in the first place and she had to deal with Robin Smith advances
  4. Something else
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