Slut Queen of the Sex Kingdom

Unending BE - episode 665881

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When Jamie awoke she immdiaitely noticed two things: one, that she was female; and two, that she was in ecstasy. Vibrators were humming a way in her pussy and ass, her nipples were being sucked, and her hands...That stopped her. Each hand was wrapped around a massive cock, a cock she was jerking off...and loving it! She felt herself orgasming and her head jerked upward. The ceiling was a giant mirror, reflecting the whole scene, and when she glimpsed the handsome men standing at her sides to whom the cocks belonged, she felt desire for them.

Obviously something was very, very wrong with the VR simulator; not only had it put her in a scenario she hadn't asked for, it had altered her sexual preferences. Jamie knew that she ought to be concerned by this, but truth be told she was enjoying it too much.

As she came down from her orgasm and started building to another, she began to examine her surroundings. The man on her left wore the top half of a formal tuxedo, andnnothing below the waist, while the one to the left, was dressed in the opposite fashion, albeit with his fly open so she could get at his cock. The lovely women suckling her breasts were likewise dressed each in one half of a fancy evening dress.

She herself was nude, asides from high heels and a golden crown on her head. She was perched on a massive throne situated on a dais that dominated a vast hall, filled with men and women of extraordinary beauty, all of them wearing skimpy parodies of evening dress. No, wait; the well-muscled men and women standing along the walls were wearing skimpy parodies of armor.

Taking this all in, memories began to fill her head, explaining things...somewhat. She was Queen Jamie XXX, absolute ruler of the Irotak Empire, the most powerful nation on Earth. It was also the sexiest, with a culture that saw lust not as a vice but as the greatest of virtues, and made sex the core of all behavior. To the Irotakan people, to be called a slut was the greatest compliment one could bestow. And as their Queen, she was expected to be the sluttiest of all!

As these memories came to her, the man on her left began to spurt cum all over her, and his counterpart to the left followed suit. The girls suckling her stopped and stepped away, allowing all the seed to land on their Queen. Jamie luxuriated in the jizz coating her for a moment, and then began to lap it up. When she finished, someone approached th dais, and bowed to her. Jamie's new memories recognised...

  1. *...the ambassador from a neighboring nation.
  2. of her closest advisors.
  3. ...and average citizen seeking an audience.
  4. Something Else.
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