Teen Titans: More Breast Expansion

Unending BE - episode 382632

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Starfire began to grab onto her rapidly inflating knockers since they were swelling past watermelon size. Gasping she flung her tamerian hair around to see the sudden rapid expansion of her breasts. She was shocked but she suddenly felt her nipple touch the cold surface of the counter.

Orgasming on contact, Starfire moaned erotically and began to stroke her tits. Her mind was completely wiped of its previous apprehension and was now enslaved to the very thought of ........"boob growth".

Rubbing her expanding knockers, she gleefully pinched at her swelling mam meat letting ripples of pleasure flood through her. Her breast had now reaching raven's size and was still expanding ferociously, almost enough to satisfy starfire's lust.

Raven watched astonished. She had just watched a shocked starfire turn into a uncontrollably horny nympho and for some reason, the sight of starfire's breast was turning raven on.

As starfire's growth slowed to a halt, but just enough for her to lie on them,....

  1. the girls want more...so they eat some more of starfire's cooking
  2. starfire begins to lactate
  3. *raven's ass begans to grow
  4. Something
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Sat Apr 21 11:38:03 2007

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