The new shrinker story 2k1

Unending BE - episode 126427

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The new story. You are Richard. Your 17 and you were just transferred to Middleburg high school. See as its your first day you want to leave a good impression on the ladies. Just looking around you see some hot chicks that you'd love to score with. You head to your locker and get it open (after a good 5 minutes). You start putting your shit in when you see this hot chick. She's coming your way. Do something man. Just stare in aww at her as she comes up to you. "You new at school?" You answer her with a nod. She smiles at you staring at her. "You like what you see?" You nod again. "Don't worry, I get that all the time". Your trance is finally broken. "You have good reason". "The name's Alicia, nice to meet you". "I'm Richard". You keep staring at her still wondering why she's talking to you. "I'll show you around sometime". "Alright" you answer. "See you around". She then walks off and your still in aww. "Alicia talk to you, you must be lucky" some nerd was talking to you "what?" "Alicia is the school princess, She's the most popular person here. If she talks to you I'd say its a miracle. So whats your secret?" "I guess its my charm". "Right and i'm Sinbad. Anyway see ya". Guess girlfriend season is still on. The week went well until Monday everything crashed. You went and opened your locker and found some weird lquid in a test tube. You looked around but no one was paying you any mind. Whatcha going to due with it?

  1. *drink it. Some wants you to.
  2. *put it in your pocket
  3. *throw it away
  4. *leave it
  5. *find out what it is
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Wed Feb 7 15:18:52 2001

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