Sailor Moon Titnosis: Spreading Some Ashes of Influence

Unending BE - episode 1238795

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"Huhuhu, those foolish sailor scouts will never be able to defeat me. It'll be so simple, all I have to do is trick the nearby school into all wearing these necklaces and bracelets. Then, when the time is right, huhuhu, activate my magnetic powers and they'll all be struggling to breathe!" A devious-looking figure walked down the sidewalk, clacking metallic fingers together. In its disguise, the youma looked like a perfectly normal, if punk-ish woman, complete with a pink mohawk styled up, and some striking barbell piercings that showed through her fishnet top. Little did bystanders realize that underneath its human disguise, the youma was truly a mechanical hybrid with a buzzsaw attached to its head and all sorts of nasty metal weapons to attack the sailor scouts! Not that it would be necessary to use them. Its plan was foolproof.

"Soon, those fools won't even be able to gasp for breath, choking on their ow-mmfff?!" She was attacked already?! How?! But as the youma passed by a nearby alley, it was grabbed and yanked into some imprisoning device of some sorts. But it could still fight and it would immediately do so by droppings its arms slack at its sides and staring at absolutely nothing. The youma found its mind completely placated by a force it couldn't comprehend, and after a few more seconds of suffering the unusual, yet pleasant, torture, it had no thoughts whatsoever.

"Give in. Your head is smothered in the most succulent, desirable pair of breasts in the world." That was a voice that seemed like it should belong to the youma's master, husky and evil, but there was something different about it. Something charming that the youma couldn't ignore. "Every single thing you know in your life is meaningless before such a wonderful set of tits. These boobs are your everything, your entire world. You'd gladly give your life to experience the tranquility of touching such a rack for all eternity."

The youma was confused as to why the woman was saying these things. Why was she stating the obvious? Every word coming out of her mouth was so true that it seemed redundant, but it couldn't stop listening to the black-haired woman's wicked words. It wasn't even aware that there was a power greater than the masters it followed that was controlling its every thought right now. The best it could do in response to Cinder's words was mumble and drool.

"That's correct. Just let your thoughts slip out of your head and fall in the dirt. Your common sense, your identity, your personality, your drive, all of it is nonsense. All that fills your head is breasts. Tits. Boobs. Melons. Hooters. Your mind is nothing but fuel for the power of breasts that will rule the world…" Cinder blinked a few times and took a few deep breaths, causing her magnanimous bosom to heave up and down several times. She had to get back to focusing on the task at hand, so she began to whisper softly into the punkish woman's ears, unaware that she was truly titnotising a youma in human disguise.

"That's one down," Cinder said to herself, leaving the mohawked woman to gradually recover some higher functions as she tied her top back up and walked away. She would have to make sure not to use the direct contact method again. It had been a while since she'd used the powers of titnosis, and had considered this first victim a test, to make sure she still had it. In retrospect it was foolish either way. Titnosis never 'went away'. For users it was a perky permanence, and for those affected by it, it was a parasite that constantly sat in their brain, gradually gnawing away at them bit by bit. She still needed several people to pull off her little heist, and Cinder had no sympathy for the fact that they'd all walk away from the robbery with lingering thoughts of tits constantly eating away at their brains. Now to find more...

Minako Aino hummed to herself as she walked on the sidewalk. Ami said she would handle making a list of all the recent youma attacks, but she'd been tasked with keeping an eye out for anything suspicious just to be safe. Though, she wasn't really sure what to claim as suspicious. All her experience being Sailor V and Sailor Venus had basically taught her that everything could be suspicious if one looked at it with the right viewpoint. So, she checked for suspicious activity at the hat store, and found nothing there. Then she checked the candy shop, and while pecan clusters would wage war on her diet, they weren't necessarily evil. She was wondering what else she could do to perform her duties well when something caught her eye.

"Hm…" Minako popped the last caramel-filled candy in her mouth and crossed the street to follow a woman wearing a gorgeous red dress. Something about her caught Minako's attention and she found herself following her, trying to figure out what it was. "Is it her dress? It certainly is gorgeous," the blonde found, always having an eye for fashion. Maybe it was her hair. No, that wasn't it, either.

"Why are you following me?" the woman in front of her asked, stopping in her tracks.

"Huh?" Minako asked, looking around. "Are you talking to me?"

"Of course I am," Cinder replied, turning around. That's when Minako realized what exactly was so suspicious about this woman, though maybe 'suspicious' was the wrong word. Gorgeous was more like it. This woman was absolutely beautiful, and Minako was no stranger to pretty woman. The face, the hair, the body, it was all great. But Minako found herself staring at Cinder's chest far longer than necessary. There was just a sublime beauty in it that she couldn't describe, words seemed inadequate, it had nothing to do with her ditzy nature as the second-dumbest sailor scout. A dull, content smile came to Minako's face as her blue eyes started to glaze over slightly. Her hands twitched a few times before Minako realized she needed to answer.

"Huh? Oh, sorry, I, um…" Minako tried to come up with an answer but didn't have anything that seemed to make sense. "I was just shopping, and walking, and staring."

"Staring?" Cinder asked, before realizing where the woman was looking. Interesting, she thought. Cinder had only the faintest sliver of cleavage showing thanks to the cut she'd made in her dress, but this woman's mind appeared to be so weak that it was working to draw her in already. She was unaware that she'd already been subjected to another woman's titnosis before. It would make her own work easier, either way. "Hm, staring at my bust, I see?"

"Hm?" Minako had gotten distracted again. The blonde swore she'd never felt this scatterbrained before. Something was just making her feel all groggy and sluggish in the head. "I, uh, am I? I just, ah…." Think, Minako. Try and say more than two words at a time! "Yep."

"Well then," Cinder commented with a smirk. "Why don't you get a better look?" The way her raven-colored hair covered one of her eyes meant Minako couldn't see the full deviousness behind her face, but Minako could barely look at Cinder's eyes anyway. Especially not after Cinder pulled her top down and exposed the perky, round breasts right in front of Minako. The blonde's eyes widened suddenly, taking in the full shape and size of Cinder's tits before the magic power of the woman's bust fully sank into her mind. "What do you think? Spectacular, aren't they? So amazing that you can't look away at all."

Minako couldn't even move her feet. The act of turning her head away from those magnificent tits seemed impossible at best. Her hands, which had been twitching uncomfortably, froze in place, caught in the obvious action of trying to move up and grab a hold of the beautiful peachy breasts in front of her. Minako felt her face get hot and flushed as a blush grew across her cheeks and nose, arousal building inside of her as Cinder's breasts began slipping into her brain cells and taking place of some other, less important memories in the process.

"That's right. Keep looking at them. Look how perfectly round they are, always keeping their shape even as I jiggle and bounce them around a little. See how perky my nipples are? Feel them drilling their way right into your heart, and your mind, taking control, sinking in and taking hold there. They're huge, bigger than you've ever dreamed of. Everything you would desire in a pair of breasts. The fact they're bigger than your head only turns you on and makes you want to devote everything you have to me," Cinder almost cackled but didn't want to ruin the illusion. Her words were darker, and more insidious than when Naru and her team used titnosis, but Cinder's method was just as effective.

"Muhhh…" Minako moaned as a bit of saliva eked out of her mouth, dropping onto her plain white school uniform.

"Exactly. You're powerless against such great tits. They're everything you're not. Perfect. Sensual. Powerful." Those words felt like they should have hurt Minako, Sailor Venus, champion of love, who had been fighting crime longer than any of the other sailor scouts. But, no, in front of such brutally beautiful boobs, she had to admit defeat. They were more perfect than she'd ever be as a fighter for justice. Her championing of love meant nothing when those sexy tits would drive any man or woman to the throes of lust in an instant. And her skills as a sailor scout were useless against such an amazing rack.

"Muh-huh." Cinder's cackle finally broke free. The titnosis had taken hold. "Good, then listen to me, blondie, because you are going to do exactly what I say no matter how much it offends you or goes against whatever moral code you may have." Cinder moved a bit closer, until Minako's hands were only an inch away from her chest, but no more. She wouldn't let this one actually grope her, that would be foolish. "You, blondie, are going to rob a store for me. Along with several other women I've chosen as my slaves. You'll do everything in your power to get that money out of the register, vault, safe, whatever they have. What you do with it is of no concern of mine. Your goal is to cause trouble, chaos, disorder. Draw the heroines of this town to you. Fight them. With all your might. Or the tits you love and worship so much will never return."

The thought of that chilled Minako to the bone and she nodded as hard as she could while still keeping a firm look at Cinder's rack. She'd do it if the boobs commanded her. It would look bad, for sure, but there was no way she could deny the will of the boobs. Sailor Venus was going to rob a store, and there was no stopping her.

  1. Sailor Venus, the magnet youma, and several others begin their heist.
  2. Ami is still working on collecting data, but keeps getting distracted.
  3. Naru and her team decide to start a patrol to practice their abilities and teamwork.
  4. *Cinder lays out some more details with her titnotized victims before the heist begins.
  5. Something else.
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