GROMC:Trent shows up for his date

Unending BE - episode 1099938

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Later that evening the 18 year old Trent walked across the street for his date with the 35 year old blonde milf Brittany. He still wasn't sure what was going on but if this afternoon was any indication, Brittany was in love with him. He also considered it strange how Brittany had acted around her daughter, tiffany, who happened to be the same age as Trent. It appeared to trent like Brittany was acting like the daughter and Tiffany the mother. He rang the doorbell. Brittany swung open the door and Trent's eyes nearly bugged out. She was wearing a low cut top which showed lots of cleavage and a short skirt which showed off her sexy legs. "You look amazing" trent managed to stammer. Brittany smiled pleased that trent liked her outfit. "Thank you" she grabbed his hand and led him into the house. Jim watched amused at the look on Trent's face. Brittany led Trent into the living room. "Pizza will be here in a few minutes. We can eat in here and watch a movie. Tiffany promised to stay upstairs so that we can have our privacy." The doorbell rang again and Trent herd Tiffany yell "I'll get it." A moment later she said "Pizza's here" Brittany excitedly got up and moment later brought two plates back. She sat on the couch next to Trent and started the movie. Jim considered what to do next. then

  1. *he does nothing and watches Trent and Brittany's date
  2. he uses the ring to have Brittany try and seduce Trent
  3. Jim goes upstairsto have some fun with Tiffany
  4. something else
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Mon Aug 03 18:54:53 2015

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