The Apartment: Adding More Gays to the Population

Unending BE - episode 1099931

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"Mmm, maybe we could do this again some time," Daniel said to Franco, smiling and hugging him. He then gave him a quick kiss. "But I've gotta get back to work. Mandy probably wonders where I am."

"Yeah, I've got to get back to the salon as well," Franco said. "That place can't run itself, you know."

"Where Beef go?" Beef asked.

"Oh, uh, you can come with me, big guy," Franco said.

"We'll get together later, okay, hun?" Daniel said. "We can have a boys night out."

"Make sure to bring Antonio with. That bitch is such a queen, but he's fun," Franco said, before walking out of the food court with Beef.

Daniel just stood there for a moment, wondering who Franco was talking about, but then remembered. How could he forget Antonio? After all, he came by their table to say hi (as his new altered memories were telling him) less than half an hour ago, with his friends. He giggled to himself, at his absentmindedness. Then he swished back to his interior decorating store. His assistant Mandy was probably impatiently waiting to take her lunch break.


Douglas came out of the electronics store, a grin on his face. He opened the shopping bag, just to remind himself that he really did buy the new computer game he wanted, then happily went on his way, not realizing that he was inadvertently changing certain people's lives with the bronze medallion he wore under his shirt. Of course, like Barry, he didn't notice that anything was different.

He passed by Charity, who was flirting with a handsome guy, but nothing happened. It seemed that his medallion could only be triggered by people directly changed by the gold medallion. He continued on his way, not paying attention to whatever Charity was up to.

Then he made his way past the food court, which caused him to recall the table of frat guys making comments about those two effeminate gay men. But his memories of the situation were different now. He now remembered the frat guys making sexist comments about the men. So it was pretty obvious that the frat guys were all gay. Still, Douglas thought that their words were a little inappropriate.

Shaking his head, he continued, and when he passed a clothing store that he'd never shop at, he spotted two of the gay frat guys. One of them looked thin and Mediterranean and was wearing tight jeans and a tight tank top, and the other looked bulky with muscles and had an empty look in his eyes. For a moment, Douglas thought that maybe they didn't look like that before, but then he figured he must not have remembered correctly. Plus, he's not the type of person to check out other guys, so it made sense that he wouldn't remember exactly what they looked like.

Douglas kept walking.


When Daniel returned to his store, he saw that the married couple who was there earlier was now back. The husband eyed him uneasily. It was clear that he had a problem with gays, or maybe just effeminate guys, like Daniel. Yeah, well, Daniel didn't care what other people thought. This was who he was. He wasn't going to change himself to make other people feel better. (Little did he know, he was already changed, magically.)

"Oh, Daniel, you're back," Mandy said, relieved. "Mr. and Mrs. Wilkes came back. They wanted to know if they could ..." she began, but then suddenly stopped. Mandy and the married couple seemed to seize up for a moment. Daniel thought they might have been having a seizure or something. But before Daniel could think of doing something to help them (wasn't it weird that they all seized at the same time?), they seemed to snap out of whatever happened to them.

"Oh my god. What the hell was that?" the husband asked, his eyes wide. He couldn't get that vision out of his head.

In fact, none of the three of them could. The husband and wife, as well as Mandy, all had a vision of themselves as flamboyant flaming gay men, with swishy mannerisms, complete with lisps and limp wrists.

"I think you were having a seizure," Daniel said, not realizing that the husband was talking about the vision.


When Douglas was making his final strides towards the mall exit, that same feeling of anxiety came over him again. Why was this happening to him? He hoped he wasn't getting sick with something. And then it was gone. Maybe he should just head straight home and call it a day. That would certainly give him more time to try out his new game.


Meanwhile, back at the apartment complex (and you better hope Douglas never comes anywhere near there, or the consequences would be too complicated to bare), the package delivery man, whose name was Ryan, stood in Barry's office and checked his watch. He really needed someone to sign for this package.

A moment later, Caroline stepped into the office, looking both sexy and professional, as usual.

"Can you sign for this?" he asked.

"Yes, I can." And she did. "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting like that. It appears that my boss has stepped out for a moment."

"That's okay," he said, taking in her sexy looks. "It was worth the wait."

She smiled.

At that moment, Barry came back. "Oh, is there a problem?"

"Nothing to worry about, Boss," Caroline said. "I took care of it."

Ryan nodded, then headed out of the office, but before he could make it out the door, he looked at Barry's medallion. And at that point, his fate was sealed. He wouldn't be the same again.

What did Ryan see?

  1. Ryan Sees Himself As a Bisexual Muscle Stud Who Owns and Manages the Still-Magically-Being-Created Organic Juice Café ... In Part of the Vision, He's in the Storeroom Getting Sucked Off By a Hot Bimbo and a Twink-Like Guy, Who He Somehow Knows Works For Him at the Café (That's Either Tony, Nate, or Alan)
  2. Ryan Sees Himself As a Straight Gigolo, Who Has an Interest in Older Women
  3. Ryan Sees Himself As a Bartender Who Works at the "Devils' Tails" Strip Club
  4. Ryan Sees Himself As Another Sexy Maid (Female, Of Course)
  5. *Ryan Sees Himself As Another Member of the Σ.E.X. Frat
  6. Something Else
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