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Sun Jun 28 17:21:33 2015

I honestly don't know how to respond to any of these. Sakura having children wasn't a factor in my plans.

Crazy Diamond
Sun Jun 28 17:45:38 2015

Wed Jun 24 00:51:37 2015

Thanks for the compliment, now lemme tell u my plan!

My plan for this thread is to remake Sakura into a Super Curvy Stripperiffic MILF!

Mother I'd Like to Fuck, being a MILF is predicated upon 2 conditions fuckability and motherhood.

I though this is what you wanted?

Sun Jun 28 18:16:20 2015

Just because she'll have a MILF-like body doesn't imply that she'll have children. unless however.... she wants to have sex so much that she'll bound to get pregnant even though it won't happen right?

Crazy Diamond
Sun Jun 28 19:02:19 2015

Okay then we step back and use the gnihtemos esle option to ask the How old are you question and age up Sakura?

Sun Jun 28 19:18:05 2015

Back at the "Balanced-Out Sakura?"

Sure I can do that.

Sun Jun 28 19:48:47 2015

But Im gonna need some help on how much History should change, I have the right age in mind, and the progression, but I have no idea on the history part.

Crazy Diamond
Sun Jun 28 20:09:17 2015

Just go with what feels right.

Sky Watch
Sun Jun 28 21:14:22 2015

Hate to sound rude but I'm finding it hilarious how we're still on question 4, did the person making the quiz accidentally forget how to count due to whatever magic causing this.

I know it's a mistake, just teasing.