New Day for Timmy Turner: Bad New's for Timmy.

Unending BE - episode 1099816

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Guess what Timmy exclaimed his Dad. As both his parents walked into the room.

We're going on a awesome vacation for a week. By which i mean me and you're mother.

So you get to spend time with you're sweet babysitter Vicky for a entire week. His mother explained.

WHAT! You can't leave me with her for a week. She'll kill me! Timmy exclaimed.

His parents burst out laughing. A sweet girl like Vicky wouldn't harm a fly.

Now Timmy Vicky should be here soon. Be a goody boy while we're gone. His parents quickly ran out of the room. Not a minute later he could here the car drive off.

  1. *That's it! If this family doesn't care about me. Than i'll get a new family that will. I wish i had a new family!
  2. TWERP uh oh look's like Vicky's
  3. Someones at the door, and it isn't Vicky.
  4. His Fairies return from Fairy World.
  5. He wish's himself anywhere but here
  6. something else
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Sat Jun 27 02:49:31 2015

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