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Unending BE - episode 1099774

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A knife to the normal ring's bomb, the Subtle Hermpire Ring creates a special breed of Hermpire. Instead of becoming an incredibly curvy hermaphrodite a Subtle Hermpire appears as a plain to cute woman. She doesn't appear to have a cock and is flat as a pancake, but this is part of the disguise. A Subtle Hermpire can enlarge her breasts to portions even surpassing regular Hermpires and her huge cock is retracted into her clitoris. She can increase her beauty and fill out the rest of her body at will as well as having conscious control of her enhanced pheromones. A Subtle Hermpire can revert back to her disguised form at will. Subtle Hermpires can convert others through sex just as easily and quickly as regular Hermpires, but they prefer to infiltrate and convert those in key positions to make the eventual mass conversion easier.

Which world does the ring end up in?

  1. *Strike Witches
  2. *Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  3. *Naruto
  4. Eiken
  5. No Game No Life
  6. *Something Else
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