The Apartment: Tony and His Buddies Continue to Change

Unending BE - episode 1099606

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As Tony, Nate, and Alan walked through the mall, their movements became increasingly effeminate, although they didn't seem to notice. On the other hand, Mark's movements began to get more and more lumbering, as his better-than-adequate muscles began to grow.

"Wow, you totally showed them," Nate said, when they stopped in front of a clothing shop. For some reason, Alan wanted to go in and check some outfits. Odd, since Alan never shopped there before. The merchandise was a little too ... metrosexual for their tastes. "Those guys will think twice before messing with us. Right, Antonio ... uh, Tony?" He wasn't sure why he called his friend "Antonio", but for some reason, it felt right. And now that he really noticed it, Tony's appearance was looking a lot more Mediterranean.

"You bet, girlfriend," Tony said, slapping Nate's chest with a limp hand. He caught his breath. Did he just say what he thought he said?

"What did you call me?" Nate asked.

"Just messing with ya," Tony lied, covering himself.

Nate shook his head and smiled. "You had me going there for a minute." He turned and waited for Alan to come out, but apparently didn't notice that he placed a hand on his hip and let his other hand hang limply from his wrist. "Wait here," he finally said, with a slightly higher-pitched voice. "I'm going to see what's taking that bitch so long," he said, not noticing that he referred to Alan as a "bitch" and had the start of a lisp developing. With that, he swished his way into the clothing store.

Tony's eyes went wide. Why was Nate walking like that?

Mark just stood by and remained quiet during all of this. But that was because he was slowly losing his intelligence and could no longer think of anything to say.


Meanwhile, elsewhere in the mall ...

  1. *Kennedy, Barbara, and Charity Continue to Change
  2. Coming Out of the Electronics Store, Douglas Encounters Glori, Freddi, and Jenni Again, Causing Their "Condition" to Spread to More People
  3. After Coming Out of the Electronics Store and Heading to the Mall Exit, Douglas Passes By the Food Court and Encounters Daniel, Franco, and Beef Again, Causing Their "Condition" to Spread to More People
  4. Something Else
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