Poison EDWR: Lady the Boy Stealing Lady-boy Bitch

Unending BE - episode 1099511

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“Well stealing boys is pretty good Lady… but I think we can do better!”

“What! How? I’m already a honey pot trap of boy stealing whore! Why isn’t that good enough yet?!” Lady yelled out as she turned to face Poison. Hands on her hips and fuming in bitchy rage. Like the good boy stealing bitch she was.

“How about we put the emphasis on the trap part…”

Lady blinked, not quite following Poison’s suggestion. But already eager to find out what more the recruiter thought she could improve to seal her contract and her life as a hooker. “What trap part?”

“Oh you know… the part where you’re a cute little tranny trap that tricks those boys you love to steal into fucking your ass… and making it so they can hardly look at normal women without wondering if they’ve got a Lady-boy bulge in their shorts too!”

Those words hit Lady like the recoil of a bazooka. Straight to the gut and her soon to be inverted womb. Deep flesh churning pulses of power swept through her from the key to make sure her body followed Poison’s helpful suggestion. Each one passing with a shuddering breath and leaving a little more length to her fast swelling clit. A button soon to be a rod as her cunt lips spread wide in the fattening palpitations of her testicles swift and inevitable descent. The bloated orbs falling like to armed grenades cast off from her female reproductive system as its last act with violent cunt ending force. She shivered and gasped as the moved through her. Pulling her hands down to clutch at her churning insides and pull her shorts open just in time to see her skin roll up the length of her new schlong sausage. A prime piece of boy prick seven inches long and swollen bright red at the winking pre leaking tip.

“UGH… OH MY GOD~! Fuck, fuck, fuc-nnnGH!”

Her balls popped out explosively and spread to into her panties as wet hairless sack that now safely sequestered her once ovaries in their new home.

“Nah… you need a thong. Red… no! Red and green. Nice and tight, so I can…” Poison stopped speaking as Lady’s panties obliged. Thinning and tightening into her ass. Threading bare against her solitary hole for cocks and whorish services while pulling her balls against her taint… till the bloated ripe sperm tanks fell to the sides and she now would have to work to fit her flaccid package into her underwear given how little of the later still remained in the contrasting colors of crimson and emerald rows upon the latex garment.

“Is- is this good enough for you- oh… fuck! Is this good enough already?! This is ridiculous!” Lady said, new grown shemale cock bobbing in front of her while she tried to find the courage to reach down and touch her too sensitive balls and push them into her schlong thong where they belonged. “Wasn’t I good enough to be a whore before all this shit? I mean I-”

Poison silenced her with a finger to her lips, rubbing it around them for a bit. “ I suggest you silence that cocksucker… and fatten those lips a bit while you’re at it. Do you want to just be any old penis packing prostitute?”

Lady shook her head as her lips puffed up and out. Indeed becoming a better more a fatter and more satisfying set for the hooker on the go and on her knees. To better receive her costumer’s thick dicks and give onto them all the joy that a fifty dollar blow could bring. While she got their tasty white seed splattering down the back of her throat.

A good whore always swallows after showing her mouth full of cum.

The key helpfully supplying her with the thoughts and desires she needed to integrate into herself to fully be the happy slutty whore she needed to be. Her own cock soon throbbing and sputtering beautiful little spurts of lady-boy ball batter up and out her cock. Where it sat dribbling from the tip of her new prick.

“Right you are! You want to be the very best tranny whore you can be, don’t you Lady!”

“Oh fuck yes I do! I will be! I will! I know I will!” Lady thought as her entire body quaked from more pleasurable pulses of power from the key tightly held in her fist. Nodding her head eagerly as she ran her tongue around her slightly fatter lips.


Soon being rewarded with more tiny little ejaculations from her churning spunk filled balls. Her soul possessed by that force. Silently urging her on to be the very best whore she could be.

“Stick out your tongue,” Poison asked suddenly. Gripping the pinkish organ between thumb and fore finger she gave it a little tug and put a pinch down on the middle that had Lady whimpering in an inarticulate mix of pain and pleasure. “You need a nice silver tongue stud right here… so you can rub it against the bottoms of all those cocks you’ll suck. Make sure to get lots of practice Lady! We want you to be a fine whore, don’t we…”

Lady nodded again as Poison let go of her tongue. The silver stud clicking against her teeth as she brought it back into her mouth. Now fantasizing about all the long, hard practice she’d have to do to perfect her skills! Her knees shaking with the urge to fall to the ground right then! And start servicing the first prick she saw…

Poison smiling to herself at the sight of the whimpering pile of lusty hooker that she’d turned this bitchy woman into. She thought it more fun if Lady had to learn how to suck cocks like a blow job queen and the fine tranny street tramp she was.

Which her form agreed was a fine selection. Already sitting at four stars and a nice twenty grand signing bonus. But Poison was sure she could get it higher… much higher!

“But what next. Hmmm… oh! I know what will work,” Poison thought, her smile growing even more wicked as she looked down at Lady’s still demanding erection. “You need some more ink I think. Another label to warn that you’re carrying that thing now…”

“What… can’t I just… I don’t know, conceal it or something. Once it sto-ahps! Ah… stops being so hard!

“Nope! No conceal and cock carrying here… but that’s an idea. Says you like guns, so how about a pair of pistols on your belly pointed down at your brand new gun so that all those boys you plan to steal only need to look to know that they’re going to be addicted to shemale ass and not hooker cunt!”

Lady winced and rubbed her hands over her suddenly hot and tender flesh as the black ink work took form. Big guns like her big one pointed downward now above each thigh and high enough on her stomach to be seen over her shorts. A proper warning of what her bulge represented. Another label for a lady-boy like Lady.

“O-okay… now that’s done… can I sign for fucks sake already!”

“Hold your horses my bitchy little tranny whore! Or… well not so little I suppose. I think a boy stealer needs some better lures. Pull that shirt open… actually shorten it in the rear and the front. Or… Open it in the front and have a wide slit in the back but keep it level with your waist. We need to make sure everyone can see those warning labels. Make sure they now what kind of whore-bitch Lady is.”

Lady did as she was told. Opening her shirt jacket as it lost fabric behind and in front. Creating an odd piece of clothing that couldn’t have covered her new tattoos even if she wanted to. Her bare bosom now revealed to Poison, a pair of fat well proportioned and bouncy tits that were already quite whorish.

But certainly not up to the tier of hooker she intended to sign!

“I think a little relationship ruiner like you needs some bigger breasts. But not all natural… no. Someone like you should have a bit of silicone mixed in with all that fat. Start adding to ‘em Lady. Half fake and half fat,” Poison said with a smirk at the horrified mix of lust and fear as the delirious heat began to possess Lady’s chest. “Don’t worry… grow those whore hooters out nice and slow and I’ll tell you when to stop.”

“AHhh… oh p-please… my a-aah…” Lady tried to speak but the tender misery brought forth by the sudden implantation of a pair of swelling implants into her fattening breasts left her voiceless. Captured in the siren song of swelling tit as her bouncy bosom strained against her own skin till that same skin stretched out to contain more of the same. All while a slowly growing proportion of the total was now made up of cold unfeeling semi-firm synthetic rubber. Her smooth even growth causing the rounded spherical nature of her new breasts to become ever so slightly more evident with each passing moment.

Trapped in this silent torment of tit growth she could not voice those dwindling complaints at her bodies changes. Her dislike for the idea of carting around now obviously enhanced knockers now swallowed up and destroyed. Replaced by more pleasant feelings of acceptance… even desire for the slutty dickmilkers she was growing!

They’ll make you a better whore. A superior street walker. More money in your wallet and more speckled white joy across you breasts.

Yeah… my slutty whorish tits! Slutty… whoretits? Whorebags? I’m stacked like a stripper now… but I always give very happy endings when they pay enough. These dickmilkers makes sure of that! No way any boy will go back to their all natural all woman girlfriends after a taste of these!” Lady thought with a fiendish smile on her lips. “Hell, I might be a bitch, but at least I’m consistent. The same kind of boy stealing bitch all month long… unlike those cunts that can’t even be fucked properly for a whole week! Their sharks weeks when I prowl for discontent boyfriends after all…”

As her tits began to droop ever so slightly from their new mass even with the rigid core of added silicone, Poison reached out and gave them a judging grope. As if Lady’s melons were actual melons and she was taking measure of just how much whore was now in them. And finding them just right, from her slightly fatter nipples erect and throbbing as her thumbs passed over them around the wide circle of her areola, to the wide creamy expense of pale skin were her whore knockers stuck out from her chest. Well over an easy handful each and with a very good amount of weight to them while still soft enough to really make those cocks feel good…

And enough silicone in them that they stuck out and would bob about like a pair of slutty half moons on her chest. The perfect compromise…

“That’ll do Lady, that’ll do.”

“So… is- is this good enough now?” Lady asked as she gave her tits her own experimental grope and found a wordless warble of joy escaping from her throat. Her mouth opened in orgasmic pleasure and tongue piercing glittering in the street lights as another spurt of thick white came up and out her cock onto the ground.

“Oh… not quite yet… I think we need to make sure that ass is properly whorish. It is the main selling point after all. Since you’re not much of a lady anymore Lady.”

“Yeah, okay… that makes sense- NNGH!” Lady cried out as her rump was giving a light slap before Poison pulled her shorts down to her thighs. Leaving only her chromatically contrasted thong threaded through her ass cheeks upon her bare bottom and currently dick erect body. “Why’d you do that?!”

“Just checking the assets Lady. Pretty nice… but I think you could do with just a little more junk in the trunk. So each time I give you a little slap back here I want to see a bit more jiggling. Okay?”



Ass pushing outward with each playful touch Poison laid upon it. Spreading outward and eating more thong. Jiggling a bit more with each passing moment and passing of her hand upon buttocks. It was hypnotic how each cheek swelled after her touch. An intoxicating sense of power took her. She controlled this woman… this no-longer woman! She’d turned her into a whore, a tranny street slut, a bitchy boy stealing shemale to punish her… and when she was done Lady would thank her for her time and walk away happy for the chance to lose her cunt and whatever passed for morals to keep her from trading her slutty ass for cash.

“Speaking of which…”

Poison reached down and pulled her butt cheeks apart to get a good look at Lady’s asshole. Nearly completely hairless and a nice clean rosebud cock hole in her rump. But much like her butt it could always do with a little improvement!

“Oh my! I think we need to work on this!”

“Wh-aht! Ah, stop spanking me-eh!”

Poison just laughed as she gave Lady’s behind a few more growth causing smacks before grabbing and spreading the stinging swelling and slightly redder and tender globes of ass to gaze upon the newly shemale street whores asshole once more.

“Well if you’re going to take cocks back here we need to make sure those cocks get milked like their supposed to. After all… a shemale’s asshole is far superior to a normal woman’s cunt.”

“It- it is?”

“Oh yes, it most certainly is! It’s a fat, thick cock hungry ring. So tight… yet also so welcoming to all those big thick pricks. They slid in and you just grip them.”

Lady’s asshole was guided by Poison’s voice. It was indeed turning into a fatter, dick devouring entrance on her behind. A smooth thick ring that was made to be fucked! To literally break dicks of their love for natural women. Leaving those poor men never able to really find pleasure with their lover’s poor slits ever again.

“Oh.. please! I- I can’t take much more!”

“Shhh… quiet please Lady! I was just about to tell you about how your prostate rides up against you rectum and you feel each thrust deep into your… ass-cunt like the cock was being driven into your slutty, whorish soul. Which makes you clamp down and massage those cocks with your ass.”

Her body shivered as her insides shifted slightly. Certain organs swelling and pressing into others as her shemale g-spot grew significantly larger. Her ass hole truly becoming an ass-cunt.

“But that’s just so you can milk those dicks… drain their balls all the better! Because you really do that… your ass just loves to be filled with spunk… you keep it nice and clean for each night of horny fucking. So that the only thing coating your bowels will be that wonderful coat of white.”

“Ah… oh fucking goddamn yes! Yes! YES!!”

With one final spank to her backside, Poison stood up away from the whores newly grown ass. While Lady painstikinly tried… and failed to pull her shorts over her new ass.

“Oh…. Make sure those shorts fit… but are still nice and tight. We want those slutty ass cheeks to stick out and show what your offering for sale. And to ride down far enough for your thong to peak out the top. Got it?”

“Yeah… I got,” Lady said as her tight white shorts expanded enough for her struggles to succeed. Soon pulled up over her bottom. While she tenderly squeezed her softening cock into them.

Only for Poison to arrest that struggle with four terrible words.

“Make your dick bigger.”

“FUCK! Ahh… why’d you do that?!” Lady cried out as her cock surged back to its full length and then went right past it. Extra inches sliding through her hands as her balls thundered in stimulation. The key still clasped in one rubbing against tender growing cock flesh and sending electric vibrations pounding into her rod. Which had her gasping bellend spurting ropey strings of Lady-boy goo all over the sidewalk.

“Well… I just thought a wonderfully shemale whore like you shouldn’t limit herself to just fucking boys after all. She should fuck their girlfriends to. Make both sides barely able to look each other in the eye from guilt and shame because the slutty shemale prostitute that they keep going back to again and again. Don’t you want that Lady… to steal their boys and then teach them all the tricks you learned firsthand about pleasing some poor bitch’s cunt?”

“Back when you had your own of course…”

The thought was sinful fire igniting her loins and consuming her soul. Lady did want to do that! Howhad she not thought of it first!

Imagine taking Kyrie and having her scream your name in pleasure with each thrust… while she knows that Nero does the same to you!

“Oh fucking hell that would be good~!”

Her spent cock twitched in approval as she slowly stuffed the nine and a half inch pole into her thong. Soon buttoning up her shorts and patting the softening bulge with approval. Now eagerly awaiting the day she got to holster that gun in some poor abandoned girl after she stole their boyfriend from them… for a price of course.

Cause you are a whore after all, aren’t you Lady.

A five star whore... with an extra perk as well. For to Poison’s astonished stare there was now another series of grades on her new recruits form.


For a Wonderful Working-girl Five-Star Whore!

“Oh my god… you’ve got a ninety thousand dollar bonus! And guaranteed life time enrollment… ready to sign?”

She didn’t need to ask twice.


Rank: Five Star WW (Wonderful Working-girl)

Notes: Bitchy attitude amplified and directed towards pre-existing relationships allows for considerable potential application for this recruit. Additional interest in both genders also means that even Lady might even be useful for bringing couples together over their shared addition to shemale ass and cock. Extremely high grade prostitute with zero possibility of relapsing to pre recruitment morality or sexuality. Demon hunting background also allows for dangerous deployments and adds to the level of bitchiness Lady can bring to bear on her clients. Put recruiter up for another personal bonus.

  1. Poison gets on the bus... and sees someone else she'd just love to recruit!
  2. Poison manages to make it home without making anymore prostitutes... now she has to think about how to get rid of her remaining contracts.
  3. Let's follow one of the newly hired whores...
  4. Something else.
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