Youma Sex Corruption: She Always Wanted to Marry a Doctor Anyway...

Unending BE - episode 1099389

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The elder Mizuno had surrendered to this madness. Every flirtatious motion of her attending nurse assistant real or imagined had swollen her cock larger. Soon erect and into proportions that her trained eyes would have quickly categorized on the far, far side of bell curve for penis sizes. Though none had her bluish coloration on their shafts.

And now that same fat youma prick was buried to the hilt in Rika, her white skirt pulled up around her waist and panties hanging in tatters from one leg. Quintessentially male pleasure assaulted her female soul. The tight warm embrace of another’s cunt around the organ born from her owns monstrous transformation. Her balls quaked with a need to sow the womb her thick throbbing member poked against with each thrust. To mark this pretty faced brunette as her breeding bitch.

Who was eagerly licking at her face with a long prehensile tongue. Saeko opened her eyes and stared at the changing features of the nurse. Rika’s hair falling away while hairs became pointed and teeth sharp. Her tongue six inches out of her mouth and flicking against Saeko’s chick.

“I-I’m changing her… I need to sto-“

It was already too late for Saeko to do anything of the sort by the time she noticed the current state of her lover’s changing body.

“Nnngh!” As her dick swelled and spurts of creamy youma seed began to squirt out into the waiting receptacle of Rika’s womb the other transforming still woman pulled herself flush to Saeko’s chest. Their swelling pale tits rubbing against each other in slow pulses of growth in time with long ejaculations of spunk from one to the other. Rika’s mouth capturing Saeko’s in a kiss and their long tongues exploring each other’s mouths .

And behind Rika her spine lengthened out into new flesh as a long thick limb grew from her back. A tail creeping down and eventually wrapping partially around one of Saeko’s legs and trying to pull more of her cock into its owner. While aquatic fins sprouted from the end like those of her lovers.

When at last the broke their kiss a thick mass of saliva stuck between their lips and entwined tongues as they slowly dragged themselves apart. With a snap both returned to their owners mouths and Rika simply placed her head against Saeko’s shoulder and nuzzled her.

“Oh… Dr. Mizuno,” she whispered out in a well fucked stupor of post coital joy. “Do you treat all the nurses like this…”

“Rika… I’m sorry. I should have… I shouldn’t have…”

Saeko was silence as a single bluish black talon was placed against her azure lips. “Shouldn’t have given me the best fuck of my life? Shouldn’t have made me…”

“Like herself… no there’s something else,” Rika thought. Face scrunched in concentration. She could tell there was more to his then the body. She was happy to fuck Saeko because she was more than just a incredible cock. Suddenly it came to her! “Silly me. I always wanted to land a doctor… well Dr. Mizuno is accomplished, well paid, single… of course I want to be her mate! To have her precious offspring inside me and... OH! I can feel them already! I… I think I’m already pregnant! Oh we’ll have a wedding and a honeymoon and… wait, do I lay eggs now or still have live birth?”

Saeko was ignorant of the cause for the sudden shift in the expressions of her lover form frustrated concentration into a satisfied grin and then rapturous joy. Before she looked at her semi webbed hand in curiosity and made a cute quizzical expression with her lips.

“I-I… I think you should come home with me Rika. So we can keep an eye on each other,” Saeko said. While thinking to herself, “And ask my daughter what exactly she left out of this little problem she developed!”

There was no complaints to be had from that suggestion. Rika had no intentions of letting her happy future life of her youma spawn and a rich Dr. mate slip from her talons!

  1. Saeko and Rika try to extract themselves without causing a panic... or embarrassment at the state of their clothes in human form.
  2. Makoto slithers over to Ami's. Hopefully Ami herself is still there and not out looking for her.
  3. Rei's fire scrying was a real bad idea...
  4. *Something else.
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