P&D Gachapon 1/2: A spectacle

Unending BE - episode 1099354

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     While Ranma had been protecting her eyes from the light, she had felt her body changing, in a way that was much more noticeable than when her curse was activated. Of course, it was hard not to notice with the quick but poignant pressure that she had felt at her lower and upper back, which went away at the same time as when she heard her clothes tear, followed by her pants collapsing around her ankles.

     When she could see again, the first thing that she noticed — upon looking down — was that her skin had become a pale blue. A split second later she discovered that both her pants and boxers were around her ankles, and that their waistbands had been torn apart at the back. That drew her eyes to her rear, where she finally encountered something that made her pause and stare: out of her tailbone had sprouted a long, black, segmented tail whose tip was somewhat reminiscent of a scorpion's, and from her back she could see one of her new, gold-colored wings.

     Dumbfounded by the sight, she absently reached back and stroked her wing, and feeling the sensation both ways jolted her back into reality. That's when she noticed all the people gawking at her, bleeding from the nose, fainted or having their eyes covered for one reason or another. Common sense kicked in, if not feminine modesty, and she quickly raised her pants up to cover herself and smiled sheepishly at her audience before she began to look for an avenue of escape, where she could deal with what had happened to her in privacy.

(Ranma's new form: http://puzzledragonx.com/en/img/monster/MONS_1249.jpg )

  1. Ranma discovers the rest of her changes, and possibly any number of new abilities.
  2. As above, and she also finds out that hot water won't change her bacl.
  3. Something happens before she can make her exit.
  4. We switch to another character, who encounters the P&D gachapon in its new location.
  5. This other thing happens.
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