Bimbo Cock Curse: Some time for you

Unending BE - episode 1099276

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It was a tough thing looking away from Heather. Those boobs were big enough to emit some gravity of their own, that constantly seemed to pull Sam's eyes back to them. Heather had continued to babble in her bimboish voice about how much she loved her new skimpy clothes, and her tits, and then she had touched them, lost control, began massaging them, moaned... Sam already felt his dick throbbing again, but he just had to focus! He had to find a solution to this! The watch! Somehow this was connected, and if there was any chance to solve this mystery, then it was with the watch. While Heather kept moaning and fondling herself, Sam examined the small pocket watch that had cursed him.

Aside from some interesting carvings on the back however he found nothing. Under the extremely distracting moans of his sex-bomb of a sister, he eventually began to desperately push and pull all parts of the watch in hope to find some secret, till he realized that it was possible to push the crown down. And when he did the hands all suddenly moved all the way to the top at zero, then the hand showing the seconds started ticking forward. At this point he realized that the moaning had stopped. Confused he looked back at his sister, who was still staring at her huge tits, but this time with an expression of pure horror. Then she screamed.

Sam still had a painful ringing in his ears when Heather finally stopped destroying his hearing and had started sobbing and contemplating the situation.
"What the hell happened to me?? Are these my tits?? Oh my god I am a freak!" she continued to freak out. Sam could tell that her mind was obviously back to normal, but her body wasn't. And the watch kept ticking.
"I am not entirely sure, but..." Sam tried to not stare at her tits for a second when he got her attention, but her gaze went to his still raging boner right away.
"Oh my god what is this thing in your pants?? It started all this, didn't it??" Obviously her memory wasn't wiped either.
"Please let me explain..." he started again, but Heather was just too confused to listen.
"What?? Your... thing turned me into this?? Did you drug me? Am I insane?? This can't be real, I must be dreaming." She was this close to insanity, Sam had to do something that did not involve those deliciously bouncing boobs.

"I think I am cursed." he just stated despite how ridiculous that sounded. But with that body his sister had now, ridiculous was now the ordinary. "I bought this watch yesterday, and the shop keeper warned me that it would curse me, but I didn't listen. And then I woke up with this." he gestured at his cock that didn't seem to want to get down.
"And how did I end up with this?" Heather pointed at her tits, probably because she hadn't seen the rest, yet.
"My... cum seem to transform... women." He felt this really wasn't the right time to mention that his mom had been turned into a bimbo as well.
"Then undo it!" Heather immediately demanded.
"I don't know how. A few seconds ago you couldn't even speak properly, but then I hit the crown of that thing and now you seem to be back to normal. Or at least your mind." Both stared at the watch that still seemed to count the seconds.
"And what if you do it again?" Heather asked, and Sam could see how she was beginning to feel ashamed standing naked and with those tits in front of him. Or was his boner doing it's magic again?
"I don't know what will happen. It also started to count the seconds the moment I did it, and it could do even worse things probably."
"Whatever you do, just do something!" Heather demanded "I can't live with those... monsters!" Sam didn't knew what to do either, but for whatever reason those things were counting, it couldn't be good to wait too long if it was something bad, and they already were shortly past five minutes. For science he told himself and pushed the crown once again. And immediately the hands began to run backward.

  1. Suddenly Sam felt compelled to fuck Heather for five minutes till he came again inside her pussy.
  2. Heather simply came. And she continued to cum while the clock ticked backwards. Then she was back to her bimbo side.
  3. With every passing second Sam felt how arousal raised inside him as he became hornier and hornier, till he was screaming, begging for release, but nothing he could do granted it to him.
  4. In an almost disgusting display of magic, his cum began to leave his sister's body, slowly transforming her back to about her former self. But it also increased the size of his dick significantly.
  5. Something else.
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