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Unending BE - episode 1099218

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Throughout time there has been countless objects and artifacts that have come and gone each leaving their own mark, small or large, on the universe. Some would pass with hardly a mention while others would cause great strife, peace or merely chaos in their wake. But no matter the scale each and every artifact has it's own story, it's own legacy.

One particular and perhaps odd artifact was a certain ring, it's origins were long ago lost but each and every time it surfaced from the dark abyss of antiquity it left a very prominent and distinct mark.

The artifact in question is a ring, as many artifacts tend to be, which has a very tenacious, devious and infectious curse... or blessing depending on one's viewpoint. The ring has a very marked effect on the psyche of those in it's proximity, the effects more prominent the closer and more frequent the contact.

The effects most often begin with a loosening of morals, an expanding of the libido and in general an increased interest in pleasure, sex and all things vain. The idea of feeling good, looking good, experiencing pleasure become more and more the forefront of thought and the length and means one is willing to go to achieve these things becomes more and more extreme.

Shortly after the mind begins to feel the effects of the ring the body will follow. All the vain desires and wants of the mind will begin to translate into tangible changes in the body as it becomes more and more geared towards sex and pleasure. Sensitivity will increase, erogenous zones will spread, those affected will become the epitome of whatever they view as sexy and alluring.

But things do not end there, no as mentioned before there was a particular quirk to this artifact that makes it's effects easily marked within the annals of history. Once those affected by it had become lost in their own bodies and pleasure the ring with afflict them with a sinister condition.

No matter the sex of those affected by the ring they all ended up the same, once they had blossomed into their own perfected version of sex symbol they would find their very gender under attack. Women would find themselves shuddering in utter bliss as they birthed, for the last time, their own pair of swollen testicles as their clit expanded into a large pillar of stiff needy cockflesh. Men would find that their ideal bodies always ended up becoming curvaceous and voluptuous, their form, mind and mannerisms becoming like that of their idol partner not particularly their ideal male self. In the end they would be indistinguishable from the female victims.

Some point out that the ring is a cruel and evil artifact, to cause those affected to become so obsessed with sex and pleasure yet forever be denied the ability to truly procreate. others though view it as the ring's final and most glorious blessing, to be freed of the shackles of biology and to devote one's existence purely to pleasure without concern for reproduction or the future of their race.

But like all of history there is different interpretations and explanations for every events depending on the viewer.

  1. *The ring shows up at a museum in modern time
  2. *The ring is found deep within a dungeon in a fantasy realm
  3. The ring is found while exploring the cosmos in a scifi realm
  4. You found the ring somewhere else
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