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Tue Jun 23 22:06:24 2015

This is pretty silly.

Wed Jun 24 01:15:26 2015

Its a story about magical drinks that make you sexier and sluttier, in the context of a series about magical transgender curses. You were expecting grounded and gritty?

Wed Jun 24 01:16:15 2015

Besides, nothing wrong with any story moving towards one mega stud plowing 4 busty milfs until they're all completely in love with his cock.

Wed Jun 24 03:12:05 2015

Nodoka is noted as young and beautiful in the series. Heck, she might have given birth to Ranma at about 13 years old, and Ranma could be as young as 13 or 14 by legal/modern age reckoning during the series.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that you spent way too much time on Nodoka while turning her into what she basically already was. Come to think of it, this is done a lot in Ranma 1/2 fanfics when giving Ranma power-ups.

Other then that, looked good.

Mon Jul 13 12:35:33 2015

Any chance of this ever continuing without the Sailor Moon crossover?