The Magic Clothing Thrift Shop

Unending BE - episode 1099152

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In any City, at any normally empty building you can find a seemingly normal clothing thrift store . It will have a strange variety of clothing from very mundane normal clothing, to what looks to be authentic Victorian dress, to a strange other worldly spandex that clings to one's body in such a way it looks more like body paint. The store has a huge variety of clothing and it all arranged rather half haphazardly. Whenever somebody wears a piece of clothing or in some of the more magical one even so much as lightly brush against it, their body and sometimes parts of their mind will be changed.

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  2. Random fictional world 1
  3. Random fictional world 2
  4. Random fictional world 3
  5. Random fictional world 4
  6. Something Else
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Mon Jun 29 09:36:20 2015

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