Naruto Remake Exam: Sakura's Pasties and C-string

Unending BE - episode 1099014

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B.) C-string and Pasties

"Oh what the hell, Not like this exam means anything" Thought Sakura as she chose...

option B.) and just then, Her bra disappeared replaced with a pair of pink cherry blossom like pasties on her nipples. The contact of the pasties on her nipples left them erect and hard. Her Panties reformed into a sexy pink G-string that just barely covered her mons. the coolness of her butt on the surface of her pants left her feeling chills.

"oooohh" Sakura cooed at the feeling of her new undergarments, which were not that much to begin with.

"Something feels nice for some reason" Sakura said "Oh well, next question then."

which asked:

  1. *Question #4 What is your greatest Physical Attribute?
  2. Question #4 Are you into older woman?
  3. Question #4 How Tall are you?
  4. Question #4 How old are you?
  5. Something else?
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