Hermpire Ring Dr. Horrible: A Magic Ring In The Laundromat

Unending BE - episode 1074997

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Dr. Horrible and Penny were doing laundry at the laundromat. Like you do.

"Wow!" said Dr. Horrible, "It really is a great day for laundry."

There was an awkward silence. Penny wasn't sure how to respond. Dr. Horrible got embarrassed. He was about to turn away when all of the sudden there was a glowing light, a cracking sound, and a ring appeared in mid air and fell to the feet of Penny.

"My lucky stars!!" said Penny. "It's a ring! And it just appeared out of nowhere."

Dr. Horrible immediately thought about Bad Horse and the Evil League of Evil. Was the ring meant for him? Could he get it away from her? Was it a trap? "Well!" he said, "That makes it a magic ring! I hear those are dangerous."

Penny looked at the ring on the ground and picked it up. It felt a little warm. "I don't know, don't they give incredible powers to the ones who wear them? They might make me a super hero, then I'd be able to help the homeless!"

Dr. Horrible wasn't sure how to respond. "Well, IF its magic, what if it enslaves you? Like one of those other kinds of rings?"

Penny smiled and shrugged, "People are basically good. I couldn't see someone doing that. I'm going to try it on. What's the worse that could happen?" and put the ring on.

Nothing happened.

Dr. Horrible said, "Oh well, let's get back to--"

But he didn't finish his sentence, for suddenly Penny let out an almost inhuman growl.

She bent over in pain, then stood up straight. Her clothes seemed to burst off of her as she grew at least a foot taller. There, on her naked chest were two enormous breasts. Springing from her crotch was a cock at least 18 inches long.

Penny stretched up to her new height, showing off both the impressive breasts and cock. Dr. Horrible couldn't help notice that Penny also had a firm, round bubble-butt with wide feminine hips.

"My evil stars!!" he said.

Penny looked at Dr. Horrible with a hungry lust.

  1. Dr. Horrible runs away. Penny decides to go looking for Captain Hammer
  2. *Penny takes off the ring and reverts back to normal. Mostly.
  3. Penny takes off the ring and stays the same. Mostly.
  4. Dr. Horrible looks back at Penny with a hungry lust.
  5. Something Else Happens
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