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Tue Mar 10 08:17:50 2015

Sorry if it isn't particularly good, I felt like I needed to get something out.

Tue Mar 10 12:23:34 2015

I think it's good, I didn't have anything exceptional in mind either.

Wed Mar 11 05:51:25 2015

Think you guys might take a break and try some other thread\character? Seems a bit dry ATM, that and IMO samus was all ways bland and boring.

Wed Mar 11 06:05:33 2015

There haven't really been many threads that pique my interest recently. And it's better than the endless Ranma threads.

If you had any pregnancy-related threads you think could use some attention, feel free to point them out.

Wed Mar 11 14:36:16 2015

I might take a break from this one for a bit and try to resurrect some other preg-focused threads, it's getting a little rote. Not dropping it entirely though, I'll add something to this line when I get inspired.