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Unending BE - episode 1074951

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Fuckme stood on the stage puzzled. She knew John had planned this, she knew something either humiliating or strange would happen to her if she went through this. John would have her probably fuck the entire audience or worse. She decided to leave while she still could.
"I hate you..." Fuckme mumbled while she was standing in front of the door she had entered and for some reason couldn't get herself to walk through it. Obviously her brother had made sure she wouldn't leave the stage until this was done, so annoyed but unable to do anything else, Fuckme sat down on the stage - which thanks to her big ass was like sitting on a stool - and waited, while she tried to decipher the strange glyphs on those flyer's. There had a picture of her in the center, which showed a good amount of cleavage, so there was no doubt that John had fabricated these as well, but the rest looked like Chinese to her. Eventually the front door opened and people started to walk in.

With the first person entering the room, Fuckme suddenly felt compelled to walk to the center of the stage, where she couldn't help but to pose sexily and blow kisses at basically everyone. Fuckme hated herself for doing it, but it took considerable concentration to stop herself for a brief moment. And then she was naked anyways and had beachball-sized tits on display, so it could hardly get worse - or so she thought - so she just let her body do it's thing. At some point almost all seats were taken and the audience was complete, but still Fuckme had neither a clue what this was all about nor what to say. But the very moment the last person had taken a seat and the door was closed and the lights went on, she suddenly regained her ability to read. But what she read on the flyer scared her beyond everything she had to endure this day. "Vote Fuckme Please for school's slut"

She knew there was no way she would be able to leave, and the only way to end this was to go through it. Probably she could make such a bad speech that no one would vote for her, or they would just leave because they were bored. Yes, I just speak about math and boring stuff! she decided. It would still be humiliating, but at least not as much as being voted the school's official slut. Although her body was doing the exact opposite of her plan, and especially the girls seemed to like it. I have to do this now, or they'll vote just because I point my tits at them. Fuckme realized and grabbed the microphone.

"Everyone, like hi!" she began with a most sexy smile and posture. Immediately she realized that her speech had been impaired as she sounded like the perfect slut already. She cleared her throat.Just say how much you like boring books. she told herself and began to speak again.
"I am so like happy..." What the hell?? "... that you all came to my great day." Fuckme tried to stop herself, but she realized that it was already too late. John was putting words into her mouth, and she just couldn't get herself to say anything else, nor to stop. And the entire school was listening. Fuckme wished she could die right now on stage, but instead she continued to babble into the mic like a moronic bimbo.
"I so like fucking. Really everyone!" some girls in the crowd cheered "And my body is like so yummy." she took a moment to show off her tits and gave them a good squeeze. "And I cum so easily, like you just tell me to and I do." She giggled. "Just if you like say my name it totally turns me on, because I got such a slutty name." Somehow she felt deeply afraid at telling everyone her 'secrets'. "I bet if you all say it at the same time, I will like cum right here!" Inside Fuckme was shocked to her bones, but on the outside she was cheering and jumping to look like the worst slut on this planet. "Wanna like try??" she asked the crowd and a confirmatory roar came back to her. "Ok, so like try this!!" she cheered at herself and once again jumped to make her tits bounce extra sexy. "Ok on.. one! Everyone say my name on one, ok?? Three... tooo.... one... say my name!"

Her senses shut down as the most intense pleasure exploded inside her body. Her legs gave into the pleasure and she sunk down on to her knees with a loud and unmistakably moan. Her hand rushed to her slit, while the other searched for her nipples and eventually gave up and just squeezed her tits instead, while at the same time and intense orgasm shattered every neuron in her brain at the same time. Reduced to a singularity of pleasure, Fuckme couldn't help but to watch herself masturbate on the stage in front of the entire school, including teachers and personal. While she moaned and screamed in pleasure, the crows went wild and applauded, whistled and a few even joined in. The orgasm was way too strong to fight it, so Fuckme was forced to continue pleasuring herself for over a minute. If she would have been capable of making her brain shut down forever, she would have done it in an instant. Standing here on the stage working her body was beyond her worst nightmares of humiliating things that could ever happen. Actually her worst nightmare till yesterday had been to be at school naked, but today this was already standard. She had no clue what that title 'School's official slut' would bring her, but she had no doubt she would win it. When her orgasm finally ended she reached out for the mic again and whispered with a weak voice: "I love you all. In fact if you vote for me, I fuck you all in any way you want!" And with that she collapsed back on her knees and continued to work out, like she still had to increase her chances to win.

Two boxes were pulled in front of the stage and everyone formed a line to throw a small piece of paper in either the 'Yes' or 'No' box, while Fuckme still on auto-pilot kept working her body to seduce every single on of them as good as she could. After a good half an hour the voting was completed and the principle opened the box, then switched on her own mic with a grin.
"Well I guess we can skip the counting today." she reached into the 'No' box and pulled out a single piece of paper. "Only one vote against it, a few hundred for it." The crowd applauded. "I think that is a clear vote. Fuckme Please, do you accept the title 'Official slut of this school' and all the rights and obligations that come with it?" Against everything inside her, she grabbed the mic and said the sexiest "Oh yes, I do!" she ever said.
"Congratulations, Fuckme Please, you are now the official slut of this school! You know have the right to walk around as sexy as you desire, flirt and fuck with everyone you want, and the obligation to relief every sexual tension that might arise by fucking anyone that asks in anyway they want." While the crowd continued to cheer, and her body continued to celebrate, Fuckme died inside.

  1. The tension was obviously high, so everyone immediately formed a line to make use of their new 'moral' counseler.
  2. The crowd kept shouting "Cum!" at her and kept her trapped inside a continuous orgasm for almost ten minutes, till most had left.
  3. Suddenly her surroundings changed again, and she was back in the hallway where she had been pulled out before all this started. Confused whether or not any of this happened for real, she carefully sneaked back ot her class.
  4. With her new title came a new curse. Fuckme became horny as hell and it didn't went down even a notch no matter what she did.
  5. Something else.
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