Trait Swapper Booth: Ryan and Wendy decide to remain a couple

Unending BE - episode 1074950

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“…on second thought, we should try to still stay together.”

This answer had taken Wendy aback. Wendy was certain that Ryan would dump her, but maybe telling him that she likes guys now would win him back. After all, Wendy enjoyed his company. But deep down, she knew Ryan was gay.

Wendy responded back sorrowfully, “I don’t know Ryan, I just don’t think it’ll work out between us. I like you, Ry. I really do. But, I can see that you like men, now.”

Ryan was conflicted. He wanted to move past Wendy, but he didn’t want to hurt her feelings. He knew that Wendy was no longer a lesbian, because she suddenly became attracted to him.

But at the Trait Swapper Booth, the scientist had turned him gay, and now only wants to be with men. Ryan wanted to act as if everything was normal for Wendy, but no longer was attracted to her.

Ryan came up with another idea.

He said to Wendy, “Wendy, I can make it work. Maybe I do like men. But I also like you. Let’s make it work out.”

Wendy responded enthusiastically, “Okay, Ryan! Sounds great!”

Ryan thought of having Wendy pose as his girlfriend to use her as a beard, but wasn’t so sure if she would like this idea. So another came to his mind instead.

He asked Wendy, “Have you ever thought of letting me dress you up?”

She responded, “Sure! What do you have in mind?”

At once, Ryan grabbed various clothes, and took Wendy to the men’s dressing room, where an attendant was nearby.

The attendant told them sternly, “Girls must use a different dressing room from the boys. Please take her to a different place to change.”

Ryan spoke up suddenly, “No you see, he’s my boyfriend.”

Confused, Wendy whispered to him asking, “Wait, what? Boyfriend?”

Ryan whispered back, “Shh. Just go along with this.”

Ryan continued, “Yes. He’s my boyfriend, and I’m helping him change into his new clothes.”

Peering over at the 18-year old girl, the attendant thought to herself, well, maybe she was a transgender boy.

Shrugging her shoulders, the attendant replied, “Okay, you both can use the men’s dressing room. Use the room in the back.”

Once there, Ryan got Wendy to strip off her bra, and found ace bandages to wrap around his friend's chest. He used a pair of scissors to cut Wendy's hair. Then, he used an eyeliner to draw a dark brown goatee around Wendy's upper lip and mouth.

But he wanted to do something about Wendy's lack of bulge in her pants.

By the time Wendy was just about finished dressing, she spoke up.

She asked her pal curiously, "Hey Ryan, what's going on?"

Ryan said to her apologetically, "Yes, it's true Wendy. I am gay. But we can still salvage if you agree to be a male lover for me."

Wendy said heartily, "Well, this is your idea, so we might as well should try it out."

Ryan replied enthusiastically, "That's great! But we still need to find a way to take care of your downstairs area to make up for for your lack of a...ahem (clearing his throat, but pointing at Wendy's crotch area)..."

Wendy immediately grabbed something out of her purse. She pulled out a peach-colored rubber dildo and a black harness that she could strap it on with.

Raising an eyebrow, Wendy grows intrigued as she says eagerly, "You mean this? I can use this as a penis."

Ryan replied, "Yes! I would like to see that attached to your ass."

Wendy quickly strapped on the rubber dildo around her bulky thighs and big, round ass. Resembling more of a man, Ryan was now more aroused at the sight of Wendy.

He asked her, "Would you be okay with me calling you a boy named Wendell? I think you should be a transboy for me, if that would suit you."

Wendy/Wendell replied, "Sure, Ryan. Since we both like boys, I guess this would be the best way for us to please each other. And hey, maybe I'll grow to like this new version of me."

Ryan smiled as he said, "Thank you, sir. From now on, you are male swishy twink lover, named Wendell."

With that, he kissed Wendell, and Ryan dropped his pants as he bent over to give Wendell a view of his butt.

With Ryan's bare ass showing, Wendell plunged his prosthetic cock into his boyfriend's butthole, and started to bucking his hips as he started fucking Ryan with his strap-on penis.

Wendell cupped his left breast and pinched his nipple, as he slapped Ryan's lower backside as he continued to plunge into Ryan's asshole as he ran his dainty fingers through his now short, dark brown hair.

This was unfamiliar territory for Wendell. He and Ryan didn't have sex often, but he normally was on the receiving end of the fucking. This time, he was getting the chance to dish it out, and now that Ryan was into butt stuff and no longer wanted anything to do with his vagina, he was now beginning to enjoy this new sexual act while seeing a paddle that near his grasp.

Ryan groaned orgasmically, as Wendell starting plugging into Ryan from behind back and forth. Wendell was feeling good at the sensation of fucking Ryan from behind, but also dominating him with his prosthetic dick.

Ryan yelled out to his boyfriend happily, “I love you, Wendell!”

Smiling while biting his lip, the new transgender boy, Wendell replied back, “I know you do.”

As the two 18-year old boys continued to have sex with each other, Ryan and Wendell smiled, as they finally figured out a solution to stay together not only as pals, but as a romantic couple.


  1. Ryan and Wendell go to an important event
  2. Ryan and Wendell go back to the Trait Swapper Booth
  3. Ryan and Wendell are invited to a men's only club of sorts
  4. Jerry the scientist finds new people at the Trait Swapper Booth
  5. Something Else
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