Waking Up Massively Pregnant Metroid: Deeper in

Unending BE - episode 1074885

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The main generators will recharge the ship on their own, although they will not be able to restore the birthing facilities on schedule for your next birth. If you wish to procure large amounts of power in a short amount of time, I believe there are facilities further in the station that offer such services, Miss Aran.

"Great." Samus sighed. She'd wanted a bit more movement in her life, but this wasn't how she'd have preferred it. Nevertheless, she should probably get moving and restore power as quickly as possible. She was a little worried about going out into society, but figured a simple business transaction like this should be within her capacity to handle. "Computer, activate the bathroom facilities, and please bring me a change of clothes and arrange for some form of transport for station travel."

She rolled heavily out of bed and onto her floating chair, and made her way to the bathroom. The spacious bathtub was tempting, but mindful of her time limit, Samus decided to take a quick shower. She slowly pulled herself out of the chair and let jets of water spray her down as she braced herself against the walls, trying to stay upright. It was a rough cleaning, but at the very least she managed to wash the smell of cum and sweat off her. Jets of hot air dried her off as she finished, and she noted her breasts were leaking again. The chemicals' effect on her hadn't worn off entirely, and she hoped it wouldn't have any negative effects on her future milk production. She wished she could milk herself properly, but there wasn't enough power for the milking machine.

Twenty minutes later she was on her way, clothed in what she hoped would be sufficiently modest for her trip. Her ship's computer had explained, not particularly apologetically, that there was not enough power to run the clothing manufacturer and create a suit capable of covering her current massive size, so it had modified some of her other clothes. She was currently wearing an overstretched bikini top over her breasts. It was skintight and left nothing to the imagination, her nipples clearly visible through it and two growing wet patches over the front, but it was the best she could manage at this point. Her massive bare belly was exposed, for she figured there was no point even beginning to cover it up. The computer had also provided her with a pair of tiny shorts, but she'd been too tired to put them on properly, so the bikini top was the only thing she wore. It was a little embarrassing going out half-nude in public like that, but no one would be able to see it while she was sitting, not with her massive belly in the way, and if she had to stand up then she had bigger problems than modesty.

Speaking of which, the computer had modified her floating chair for outside travel. A platform extended in front of her for her to rest her belly on, which she was thankful for, for she doubted she could even see over it otherwise. It had also been configured to look like a wheelchair, although the wheels were largely for show and it was motorized. Samus was glad of this, for she doubted she had the strength to wheel herself around. Grasping the lever on the armrest, she began to drive out of her ship.

Traveling out was quite an experience. Quite a few of the mechanics turned to stare at her, although they didn't say anything. She remembered how some of them had seen her going into labour right there in the middle of the hangar earlier, and blushed as she increased her speed. She could hear several whispers going around, but luckily she couldn't make them out very well. Hopefully this wouldn't take long and she would soon be back in her comfy bed.

  1. The computer neglected to mention that the chair also runs on the ship's power and its charge has been almost drained. Some distance deep into the station, it runs out of stored charge entirely
  2. *She eventually finds someone capable of providing large amounts of power in a hurry, but at quite a hefty cost.
  3. She eventually finds someone capable of providing large amounts of power in a hurry, but it won't be enough to run the birthing facilities for her next scheduled birth.
  4. As she travels inwards, she encounters a group of off-duty mechanics angry at her over something.
  5. Something else
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