Waking Up Massively Pregnant Metroid: Happy Machine

Unending BE - episode 1074804

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Samus shook her head, trying to keep herself awake. Her luxurious lifestyle was starting to get to her. Sure, the events of the day had been exhausting, but if she kept lazing around she'd never get anything done. Lord knows she'd spent enough time in artificially-induced sleep as it was.

That said, she was also too mentally exhausted to do any more in-depth exploration of her current situation, and certainly she was in no physical condition to do anything hat required more than a modicum of movement. After some consideration, she decided to look through the controls for her bed, familiarizing herself with anything that would make life easier for her in her current state.

Looking through the remote, there was one button simply labeled 'HAPPINESS'. It stuck out like a sore thumb, and Samus was curious. "Computer, what exactly does this button do?"

That activates the pleasure system you installed from that Xarumian vendor overseeing the retrofitting of your communications room, Miss Aran. I advise most strongly against activating it, Miss Aran. It has been known to cause drastic changes in your emotional state, which I might remind you might have...

"Adverse physiological effects, yeah." Samus completed her Computer's sentence for it, sighing. So this thing was an alien sex-toy of some kind, was it? Sexual gratification wasn't something she indulged in nor sought out very often, but right now she was still slightly turned on by Gandrayda's previous ministrations and in a mood for defying her Computer out of pure spite. Furthermore, it wasn't as if she had anything better to do at the moment. She pressed the button.

Instantly her arms and legs were grabbed by what appeared to be mechanical steel arms, spreading them wide and locking them down in place. What looked like metal tentacles began to rise from the sides of her bed, while a tinny voice chirped from it.

Greeting utmost! Am activation beginning of HAPPINESS now, please to administer with Miss Aran! Enjoy it time!

This was a bit much, Samus decided. "Computer? Can you pause this thing for a moment, please?"

Apologies, Miss Aran. That device is not connected to the main network, and I am unable to remotely interface with it,

"Great." Samus muttered. She looked for the remote, but the machine had knocked it out of her hand during that earlier process, and it was lying just out of her reach. She hoped she could stop this thing before it went too far.

Unavailable at readiness? Problem shall solve! Equipping medicine make which ready time!

Samus yelped in pain as two tentacles suddenly jabbed syringes right into the sides of her swollen breasts. She was about to protest, when suddenly a strange hotness came over her, and she shivered in arousal. Her skin had suddenly grown much more sensitive, every air current brushing past her massive belly like a lover's caress. Her pussy was leaking copiously, and the pressure in her breasts grew once again, streams of milk trickling uncontrollably. She didn't want to think about how this would affect her future milk production, but it was only a minor concern compared to her more immediate situation.

Readiness most prepared! Now time happiness utmost begin!

"Wait, sto-MMMPH!" Before she could order the machine to stop, a tentacle jammed itself into her open mouth, while another plunged itself in between her legs. Her eyes went wide and a somewhat muffled scream emerged as she writhed in orgasm. Two other mechanical arms emerged and began roughly groping her breasts, squeezing and pulling them about. It wasn't very effective milking compared with the suction, but the chemicals were stimulating her milk production to the point where even the lightest touch would cause a jet of milk to spray out.

Samus felt somewhat like a balloon been pumped up. To an observer, she must have looked somewhat like one, a massive ball of flesh rippling and jiggling about with every thrust of the machine. The pistoning tentacles were rough and their mechanical movements were awkward, but the chemicals she'd been injected with had stimulated her so much that even this was a source of unutterable bliss. As her eyes rolled back in her head and she orgasmed once again, she wondered just how she was going to get this thing to stop.

  1. *After an hour or so, the machine has drained most of her ship's power. The machine releases her and shuts down, as does most of the equipment on her ship.
  2. The next day Gandrayda's delivery is late, so she visits Samus to find her still being fucked by the machine, very overdue and in sore need of a proper milking.
  3. The machine has some kind of effect on the Avarians in her womb.
  4. After a while the machine finishes up and releases her, and she collapses in bed exhausted.
  5. Something else
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