JWP: Big Speech in the Auditorium

Unending BE - episode 1074790

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The principal snapped out of her trance with FuckMe. "Ah. Um, oh yes. I do apologize for pulling you out of class, but I thought you might want a moment to get yourself ready for your big speech in the auditorium later thisafternoon."

FuckMe stared somewhat blankly back, unsure of what to say.

"If you are already prepared and would rather continue in your classes of course that is OK. Just ask your teacher in your class right before the assembly to head out a little early that way you have at least a few minutes. Is your demonstration going to require any other support devices? We already have the projector and computer setup, and the little stage you requested..."

"Umm... Could I maybe see the handout and what you have prepared so that I could see if there is anything missing?" FuckMe's attempt to figure out what was going on was successful. She got the public flyer that was posted all around the school as well as a little list detailing some of the logistics.

She was still confused reading the headline of the flyer though...

  1. Witness and Participate in a World's First: Physical and Mental Transformations performed right before your eyes
  2. Sexual Education A Hands On Experience
  3. Education through Film Direction: Create a porn script as groups and then see it get acted out in front of your eyes
  4. Help Break a World Record! Join us all in chanting FuckMe for at least 8 hours straight and break the current world record for constant orgasming by a mile!
  5. *She stares at the words, but they don't make any sense to her. Can she no longer read?
  6. Something Else
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