D-Gals/Jazz: Vickie Vento and Fred Ward

Unending BE - episode 1074770

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Back in the present in the front of Allie Jasmine Agrabah Brooklyn Heights Manor; whereupon Officer Fredrick Ward was writing a parking ticket unto Mima Vento bulletproof Buick sedan for blocking the fire pump to make him laugh of hearing Victoria “Vicky” Vento cussing him out, while running toward him from behind in high heels “what all the huffing and puffing Miss. Spinster Penthouse Vento.”

That remark made Vicky stop in her tracks in ire at him “who the hell are you calling me a spinster for; dammit I’m only 24, Ward and what this penthouse bull crap, you stirring up.”

“Come off it, everyone knows that you’re spitting image to that raven head Wanda Von Kreesus and a bosom to match” Freddy said laughing seeing Vicky Vento face beating red from blushing and boiling hot at the same time, while crossing both arms to squeeze in them GG-cups “it lovely to see you glowing red; its brings your eyes out.”

“Screw you Flatfoot” Vicky huff at him by getting in between him and black sedan to quickly calm down to give him a sweet smile “you know this is my grandmothers car; so how about giving the ole lady a break. Mima always treat you like a son, Freddy.”

“You mean grandson-in-law, right, Victoria” Freddy said stop writing for the moment to smile back “it seem that your family trying to pawn you off for fifty-grand

“what fifty-grand are you talking about, Ward” Vicky hot Sicilian temper came right back in a flash!”

“This fifty-grand all in large ones {one-thousand-bills)” Freddy pull out a white thick envelope and show her the cash by waving it beneath her nasals to smell the fresh ink. But it was really Freddy Wards dad’s money for an off-Broadway show he was putting on and was bring it to him later on after his shift is over.

“yap, they pawn your sorry Arse unto me, Victoria Ward my obedient house wife, who going to wash my clothes, cook my meals and make lots of bambinos for me, Capisce {Do you understand}.”

Vicky said nothing but stare at him with the evil eye and if only eyes could burn; Freddy would have been toasted to ashes right on spot.

“yap, yap, your dad gave this to me just this morning and your grandmother Mima Vento is making all the arrangements as we speak” Freddy was just digging into her; seeing her face was boiling hot red “your dad told me married her before she ends up as another lesbo ole maid, with a houseful of CATS that she will be freeloading off me till they burying me under!”

“Oh you low down lying bastard that you are” Vicky whispered in ire to rush toward him to sock him one. Not knowing nearby her mother Sophie was taking her own mother Mima Vento to the sedan to get something inside it, was behind to see her doing it to see it all “Sophie, what your daughter doing with Fredrick are they getting fresh? ”

“I think that your granddaughter is kissing him, Mima” Sophie said adjusting her eyeglasses “shame on her doing it right on the streets for everyone to see it and him in uniform.”

Not knowing to the ladies that the policeman quickly grabbed Vicky who was off balance to hug and kiss her right on the lips; she was still fighting him off and unknowing to her, Freddy slip a ring unto her finger.”

Mima shouted at the two still kissing and fighting “Victoria, Frederick smettila subito, vergogna su di voi due (Victoria, Frederick stop that at once, shame on you two).”

Freddy release Vicky to quickly say cheerfully to the two ladies before she can react “but it alright Mima Vento, your Vicky said yes to married me and Honey show off your engagement ring to them that I just gave you.”

Vicky was so flabbergasted to make her lost for words to quickly saw the huge diamond ring on the wedding finger then shouted out “hold it a minute here this ring looks familiar; Mima, where your wedding ring.”

“Victoria, you know I had it sent to jewelers to have clean” Mima said with a blank face to see Freddy to give the ole gal a wink of the eye to fellow his lead to make her lie with smile to it “That not mine trust me, do I ever lie to my favorite goddaughter. Besides, Victoria you are going to have that June wedding after all and it’s just around the corner and you’re going to be beautiful wearing a full white wedding dress and veil.”

“But, but, but” Vicky couldn’t get the words out because everyone was cutting her off or all talking at the same time; leaving her out of it “listen, listening to me, PLEASE!”

“Fear not” Sophie said to her defeated daughter that was exhausted from shouting at all three of them and getting nowhere “Mommy here, will take care of everything… MY LITTLE BABY IS GETTING MARRIED!”

Being both Victoria is the same height as her first-cousin June O’Neil at 6’2” and Freddy is 4-inches taller to make them overlook the two elderly ladies, who were much shorter; Vicky gave him the evil eye and lip-read to him “you are so dead Officer Fredrick Ward!”

Tossing more wood on the fire Freddy just smile and blew her a sweetheart kiss to anger her even more to lip read back to him “that so call kiss felt like a dagger stabbing away into my heart, SWINE!”

  1. *Back at the lair, Master Splinter sees April is really sick and trouble minded “she needs more help than I could give her”
  2. June decides takes April home to find someone waiting for her
  3. Back in Agrabah, Allie Jasmine Agrabah, still being Jasmine, when Mirage decided to stop it “so what newJasmine.”
  4. Back in Agrabah, Aladdin, Genie and Aladdin/Jasmine finally arrived to see both girls were still fighting and rolling in the mud “which is which?”
  5. Something else
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