The Board Game: Female Brad Becomes a Sexy Cougar

Unending BE - episode 1074513

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"Age By 30 Years," female Brad read aloud. It took him a moment to realize what that meant, before he actually felt the change happen. He looked down at his female body and watched as it grew older. His body lost its youthful luster, but still remained sexy nonetheless.

But this wasn't what he wanted. His fantasy was to be a young woman. Not an old woman. Okay, well, middle aged. But whatever. He wanted to be young. After the change in age stopped, and his clothing changed to fit his new body, he felt another change. Sort of. Well, specifically, he felt horny. But unlike usual, when he wanted sex with a girl (usually Brenda), this time, he was only interested in men. Young men. He shook his head. What was he thinking? He wasn't into guys. Sure, he had the body of a woman now, but he was still himself on the inside, right?

His eyes wandered around the table and landed on both Rick and Jim. He leered at them, but then remembered that both of them were now gay. His heart sunk, but then figured that with his feminine wiles, he could probably turn them back to heterosexuality. Wait a minute, what?

Female Brad turned away from the two boys and admonished himself for thinking those thoughts. The game was messing with his head. Sure, he had a fantasy of being female, but becoming some sexy man-hunting cougar? That was pushing things too far. How was he supposed to control these new urges?

"You look old enough to be my mom," Candace said, her eyes wide. "But my mom doesn't dress like that."

"Thanks," female Brad said, sarcastically. He looked down and noted that Candace was right. None of their moms wore clothing as revealing (or maybe even slutty) as these.

"Ugh, I guess it's my turn now," Goth-minded Brenda said, rolling her eyes. She grabbed the die and tossed it. A moment later, it came up as ...

  1. 1 ... Brenda's Piece Moves to a Gold-Colored Spot ... According to the Instructions, This Causes All Changes Made So Far to Shift From Each Player (or Chair) to the Next One, Going Clockwise Around the Table (See Episode 1073470 - In a Separate Branch - For an Example)
  2. 2 ... Brenda's Piece Moves to a Blue-Colored Spot
  3. 3 ... Brenda's Piece Moves to a Red-Colored Spot
  4. 4 ... Brenda's Piece Moves to a Blank Spot With the Words "Roll Again"
  5. *5 ... Brenda's Piece Moves to a Green Spot ... According to the Instructions, A Green Spot is a Substitution Spot ... This Means That Brenda Would Be Substituted By Someone From Outside the Game ... Basically, They Would Swap Places, With Brenda Taking on the Person's Life and the Person Taking Her Place in the Game, Changes and All
  6. 6 ... Brenda's Piece Moves to a Blank Spot With the Words "Do Not Take Card"
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