Hinata's Wishing Rock: Hanabi's Dinner Date

Unending BE - episode 1074445

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Hanabi was, all at once, grateful and angry that Naruto had left her alone. It was good for her, because she did not want to be seen in this current state of being. Her body was flushed and she felt weaker than she did after the end of a day-long training session. Her knees buckled together like an office toy, and the rest of her legs felt like jelly that had been left out for too long until it became stiff and sticky.There were beads of sweat running down her face, and she had the feeling if Naruto were here, he would have made a comment about that as well. Maybe he'd have even licked a bit of it off of her cheek while complimenting her on how her skin looked even more gorgeous when it was moist… Hanabi shuddered and rested on the bench in the changing room as her nipples perked up through the translucent bits of her new bra. Whatever Naruto had done to her body wasn't going away anytime soon, it was like a jutsu she'd never seen before, but all he'd done was give her a more gentle touch than her clan's trademark technique. She could still feel his hands over his body, his hot breath near the nape of her slender neck, the warmth of his crotch right near her backside…

"Nnngh…" That was why Hanabi was also annoyed that Naruto had left when he had. Her body was aching for a release that she had never experienced before. It was debilitating pleasure. It had been a solid two minutes since he left and her nipples were still as hard as stone and her 'pussy' as he so lewdly referred to it was only now starting to calm down. But at the same time, she had wanted more. She wanted him to finish whatever his perverted mind had in store for her and make body feel so good that she wouldn't be able to move for an hour at least. Had she done something to upset him, was this some kind of unique punishment? She was well-used to punishments when she didn't accomplish her task, but this was different than what her father did when she couldn't block all of his attacks. In the best way possible.

"C-Come on," she muttered to herself as her strength began to come back to her. She activated her Byakugan and saw Naruto outside the changing room waiting for her. Hanabi had an eye on everyone in the store, and would know if they tried to come in. This would give her ample time to take care of herself since Naruto hadn't been able to accomplish the task for her. She was young and inexperienced, never really masturbating before. In a public place wasn't really the best place to try and learn how to jill herself off, but she didn't see much choice in the matter. If she didn't finish dousing this flame in her womanhood it was going to set her whole body on fire. "Like this maybe?" she whispered as she placed her hand on her pussy and began to rub it through the panties. Naruto had just barely grazed it compared to the pressure she put on it, but she barely felt anything. If anything, it was doing less than nothing, making her problem worse. Like she was blocking her own g-spot the more she tried to reach it. Naruto would have been shaking his head, a bit proud at how well he'd messed with her. But at the same time, he'd be turned on by how she whimpered and futilely tried to pleasure herself without the real know-how or will to do it.

"I can't, nngh, j-just a little bit, please," the flat girl said as she moved a hand up to press against her breast, like she was trying to bore a hole in her palm with the stiffness of her cute, suckable nipple. Her other hand slipped under the skimpy panties to try a more effective position, but she was too timid to try and penetrate her womanhood. She ended up face-down on the bench with her perfect ass up in the air as she tried to reach a climax. After a few minutes of struggle, she was still no closer, and all she'd done was maintain her arousal to the point it was close to frying her brain. "Damnit," she said, panting with exertion. A few minutes of attempted masturbation had been as strenuous as lifting weights for an hour.

"Hanabi, are you alright in there?" Naruto asked. He may not have had a Byakugan, but his imagination of what Hanabi was doing was very close to the truth, simply more perverted than reality. "Need me to come help get you dressed? I wouldn't mind, it'd give me another excuse to touch that lovely body of yours," he said, not caring how many people overheard him.

"N-No, I'm fine," Hanabi said, shaking her head. She almost took him up on his offer. God she was going crazy. She had to remind herself that this whole situation was insane, she wasn't supposed to be dating Naruto! Even if he was the first person to make her body react like that. If she did continue to date him, would he let her have that climax she was still desperate for? Would they end up like Sakura and Hinata, naked in bed for hours together, moaning each other's name as their hot, sweaty bodies clashed together? Hanabi gulped and almost had to steady herself again. "J-Just give me a minute. And stop stuttering," she said. The last part was meant for her, not Naruto. Hinata was the stutterer, not her. Hanabi was confident and strong and he had taken her panties hadn't he? He had told her to wear these out, but the thought of that made her quiver. The idea of wearing this lingerie, which was meant for one obvious purpose, in public, made her a bit fearful. But she knew he wouldn't give her original panties back. She didn't have time to argue about it either, Hanabi got dressed and left the room, feeling the comfortable lingerie rub up against her slit. The underwear would be a constant reminder of what he'd done to her in this dressing room, keeping her mind in a mild lustfog for quite a while.

"Alright, I'm ready to go. Where to next?" Hanabi said, wondering what the blond had in mind. He smiled as he took her hand.

"Well I don't know about you but I'm starving. Let's go get something to eat. What are you in the mood for?" he asked. Hanabi thought for a moment. Nobody ever really asked her that before. It was always just whatever her father wanted to eat that night. But for her birthday she was allowed to pick out what kind of food she wanted, so her answer came quickly.

"Steak. A big steak."

"Steak huh? Awesome, we can do that, come on," Naruto said, grabbing her hand and walking out of the store, having paid for her lingerie while she was busy in the dressing room. He carefully stashed her old pair of panties in his pocket, along with three others he'd silently stolen from unsuspecting customers while they browsed. Hey, old habits died hard, especially if you made no attempt at killing them. Naruto took Hanabi through the town so they could get to a restaurant that served Hinata's chosen meal. She didn't care if she ate so much she ruined her appetite later, she was hungry and if she wasn't going to get an orgasm out of this, she may as well get a good meal. She smirked a little as they got to the restaurant, Naruto had unwittingly picked one of the most expensive places in the village, and Hanabi was no six-ounce steak girl. She was going to get the largest filet they had and eat every single bite of it. She would absolutely relish the look on his face once he saw the prices here. To her surprise though, when they arrived, they were seated almost immediately, and Naruto didn't look flustered at the menu.

"Is everything to your liking, sir?" the waiter asked.

"Yes, it's great. Thank you for holding the table," Naruto said. Hanabi blinked, when had he changed into that collared shirt? Gosh she'd been distracted.

"You reserved a table?" she asked, and Naruto replied with a shrug.

"I had a feeling you'd want to come here. Glad I was right. Get whatever you want, it's my treat of course," Naruto said, trying to decide what he wanted. If it wasn't ramen, his choices were pretty basic, but considering this place was so expensive, everything was bound to be good. Hanabi blushed, she felt a little underprepared for this now. She looked at the menu and licked her lips as her pale eyes came across what she wanted to order.

"May I start you off with drinks, any appetizers?" the waiter asked after a moment. Naruto, being a gentleman as much as he was a pervert, asked Hanabi to go first.

"I'll have milk to drink please. And, I don't know about appetizers but I know what I want to eat."

"Very well, what would you like?"

"I'd like the 20-ounce filet with grilled onions and a baked potato with everything on it, with mixed greens, creamed spinach, and a bowl of creamy onion soup too," Hanabi said. The waiter blinked at the impressive order for the tiny, petite girl. Naruto just smiled.

"Heh, I guess Hyuga girls having amazing appetites is a genetic thing," Naruto said, remembering the time Hinata of all people had beaten him in a ramen-eating contest. That may have been the most erotic thing she'd ever done in his eyes. Sadly for the girl that would have ended up with Naruto if a powerful artifact hadn't appeared in the village, pretty much every other thing he'd seen Hanabi did beat how hot he thought Hinata was on a regular basis. There just wasn't much of a competition there. If Naruto wasn't so completely in love with Hanabi he might have made a crack about her putting on weight. But, as much as he loved Hanabi's slender body, he wanted her happy, and if she had the need to eat this much, he was happy to provide for her.

"I guess…" Hanabi said, a bit embarrassed now. Naruto smiled and ordered himself a cola and a water before looking over the menu one more time. "I'll have the ribeye I think, with mashed potatoes and a salad. Oh, and let's get an appetizer of those shrimp as well."

"Very good sir," the waiter said, collecting their menus and going to fetch their drinks.

"This place is ah, heh, pricy isn't it?" Hanabi said. Naruto smiled and nodded.


"Not concerned about that at all?"

"Why would I be? I'm treating you Hanabi. I love pleasing my girlfriend," Naruto said, well aware of the double meaning behind those words. Hanabi looked down at her plate, feeling his stare dig into her soul with pure affection and lust. Her pale eyes returned his gaze and she couldn't help but smile back at him. Okay, this was actually pretty fun, she thought. Plus, the food was going to be amazing. As the waiter came out with their drinks, Hanabi thought of how she could probe a bit more to find out if there were any differences to this reality where her going out with Naruto was perfectly normal. But she saw something in his eyes, they opened up wider than normal.

"Girlfriend?" she whispered.

"Ah shoot, I was going to wait until dessert to ask," Naruto muttered, rubbing the back of his head. "I know we've been dating for a while but I guess I wanted to see if we could make it official."

"M-Make what official?" Hanabi asked. Naruto laughed nervously and reached into his pocket, pulling out a small black box. He handed it to the slender girl who opened it anxiously. What she saw inside was a silver necklace, with a pendant in the shape of the leaf village's symbol, only the stem of the leaf was longer and split into nine ends, which appeared to be fox tails.

"I want to be your boyfriend, Hanabi. And I want everyone to know," Naruto said. "I hope you like it, it's something I thought up and got custom-made. I can take it back if you don't like it. Er, or maybe not since it's-" Naruto was shut up as Hanabi wrapped the necklace around her wiry frame, looking down at the shimmering pendant and smiling as she rubbed her eyes. "Hanabi? Are you okay? You're not allergic to silver or anything are you? Oh man."

"No! No, it's just, it's, I love it…" Hanabi said, looking down at it. "Naruto, do you remember what you said to me the first time you asked me out?" she said, mostly for her own curiosity.

"Of course. Heh, I said I might not be worthy of dating a Hyuga, and I'm sure you'd have the boys lining up to date you soon enough, but I'd be an idiot if I didn't ask you out at least once."

"Right…" Hanabi said, biting down on her lower lip. "And what did I say?"

"You said, and I quote, 'as long as you don't feel me up in public like Sakura does to my sister on an hourly basis.'"

"You didn't exactly keep that promise today," she said with a blush and a faint grin.

"Hey, if I last an hour, I'll technically have kept it. But, for you, I think promises are worth breaking, Hanabi." Hanabi looked down at her necklace again, she felt the underwear rubbing against her crotch, she looked at the decadent shrimp platter placed in front of them for an appetizer. Naruto was happy, she could be happy too, all she had to do was accept this life and she'd have a loving boyfriend who'd never leave her.

"Well in return I promise to be your girlfriend," Hanabi said, smiling as she grabbed a shrimp for herself.

"Really?!" Naruto was instantly behind Hanabi, hugging her from behind and planting a kiss on the cheek. "You've made me the happiest guy in the village. I'd say happiest person but I think Sakura might fight me for that title."

"Hehe… you're such a spaz," Hanabi said with a giggle. "Come on, don't let me eat these shrimp all by myself."

"Of course, don't want my girlfriend ruining her dinner after all." She definitely didn't ruin her dinner. In fact, she devoured it. The steak had absolutely no chance. It was kind of intimidating for Naruto to watch her slice off huge, juicy chunks of the red meat and chew them like she hadn't eaten in weeks. Her face as she ate was so cute, she looked almost as close to an orgasm midway through her meal as he had left her in the dressing room. She was neat about it, as a girl of her upbringing should be. But there wasn't a morsel left behind.

"Wow, I hope you saved room for dessert," Naruto said. "They have an amazing bananas foster here," he added.

"Bananas foster? What's that?"

"You've never had-okay we definitely have to order it then. Bananas are your favorite food, right?"

"Yeah," she said, swooning a bit as he proved himself knowledgeable about her tastes once again.

"Then one order please," he said to the waiter, who nodded. "You'll love this, I promise."

"Okay, I trust you, hehe…" Hanabi said, finding that she did, and she had no doubt he would be right. They conversed for a bit more, where Hanabi learned a bit more about Naruto. She had to be fair, he clearly knew a lot about her. It hadn't quite clicked in her head what caused this change to reality, but she wasn't as concerned with it anymore. This was nice, this was perfect. Though there was still something missing, and it happened not long after Hanabi's dessert was placed in front of her; glazed, warm bananas covered in vanilla ice cream. A dallop of her own drool hit the dessert instantly.

"This looks amazing…" Hanabi said. "Do you want some?"

"I'm stuffed, dig in," Naruto said, but Hanabi had begun to eat before he said 'stuffed'. The first bite had her moaning in pleasure, as did the second and the third. After that she tried to slow down to savor it a bit more. But she got a surprise not long after, when Naruto slyly pressed his foot up against her crotch, revealing he'd undone his shoe.

"Nngh, N-Naruto-" Hanabi muttered between bites of her dessert. He kept teasing the entrance to her womanhood with his toes, especially the big one which seemed to prod in just the right space every single time he moved it forward.

"I said I was full, not that I was satisfied. And it's been an hour," Naruto said, pretending that he was checking the time. That heat in Hanabi's body, which had finally dissipated after so long, was back in full force. He was just too good at teasing her, but she didn't want to be teased. She wanted to make love, to have sex, to fuck. As soon as she finished this amazing dessert, of course. "Tasty, huh?"

"Y-Yeah," Hanabi said, gulping down another bite as she looked at the small bit of dessert left, mashing it with her spoon and making it into a slurry. "Naruto, um, there's something I guess I should say. If we're going to be official now, well, there's something important we have to do, isn't there?"

"There is? You want to go announce it to the world?"

"No, I mean, something else…" Hanabi said before gulping down the last bits of her dessert. "Like… stuff in the bedroom."

"Hm, not sure I heard you, can you speak up?"

"I want to have sex, Naruto." Screw it, she was in this now, might as well be blunt. Naruto smiled from ear to ear, removing his foot and grabbing her hand instead to kiss it.

"So do I. Let's do it tonight," he said, rubbing her gentle fingers. "I've been wanting to ever since I laid my eyes on your naked body in that hot spring, dripping with water, just waiting to be deflowered…."

"Oh Naruto…" Hanabi said, feeling her heart race as he paid for their meal and they began to leave. The realization of what he said only hit her when they were already out the door, and she blushed so hard that she feared her new necklace would melt.

  1. *Before they go consummate their relationship, Naruto has one more stop to go to.
  2. Naruto and Hanabi go and give their virginity to each other.
  3. Meanwhile, Sakura and Hinata work on wedding plans.
  4. Someone else stumbles upon the Wishing Rock.
  5. Something else.
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