JWP: The bell rang

Unending BE - episode 1074444

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John was loving the sight of his sister helplessly bouncing around on her giant ass, moaning in pleasure with each slap. A sharp ringing noise broke him from his concentration.
"The bell, next class is about to start." The other stopped slapping and John looked at Heather.
"Well sis, I care to much about you to have you forgo your education. But you can't really get to class looking like that." He slapped her ass sending it sloshing left and right with a moaning Heather on top clutching her massive tits.
He turned to the audience. "What do you guys think we should do? I could shrink her but keep her proportions the same and we can have turns carrying her around. Maybe bounce her on her ass a little. Or I can shrink her ass just enough so she can get around."
Heather took a deep breath to protest, but John slapped her ass again sending her bobbing up and down gasping for air.

  1. Shrink her
  2. Shrink just her ass
  3. Put the cum somewhere else
  4. Leave her
  5. Something else
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Mon Mar 16 20:37:46 2015

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