Jim and Sharon's Bitch: The Cleaner

Unending BE - episode 1074413

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"Now, bitch," said Jim. "Sharon and I am going to make love. You will watch while you vigorously masturbate. You can not orgasm, though. If you feel yourself getting close to orgasm, you must stop. Understand?"

"Yes, because I'm a stupid stuck up, ass-licking bitch," said Robin with a smile.

"Now, since I'm on birth control, and we are both clean," said Sharon, "we son't have to use a condom, but if that was not good enough news, you get to suck Jim's cock clean then lick my pussy clean!" Sharon said clapping to mock Robin who just stood and smiled.

Jim and Sharon stripped then fondled each other and made out for several minutes as Robin slid her hand into her panties. She had to force her panties down as they were wedged up her, but she managed to get a finger in her cunt.

Jim lay on the bed, and Sharon mounted him cowgirl style. She started bucking up and down as Jim grabbed her thighs and held on. Jim and Sharon went at it as Robin fucked herself.

Robin grew hornier and hornier, not so much because she was being forced to finger fuck herself but because obeying Jim's command was making her horny. She felt herself growing more aroused, and she started to cum. She watched Sharon ride Jim, and she kept her fake smile on her face as she grew more and more aroused. She actually found herself coming close to orgasm, so she stopped fingering herself.

Sharon and Jim finally both climaxed. Sharon collapsed onto Jim and kissed him all over his neck. She then rolled off of him.

Jim looked over at Robin. She had her hand held out away from her with her finger pointed out. "Suck your finger clean then come suck Sharon's pussy juice and my cum off of my dick."

Robin put her finger in her mouth and acted as if she was enjoying it. She then walked over to the bed and climbed on. She then took his limp penis into her mouth and started to suck on it. Try as she might, she found this repugnant action making her aroused. She finally finished sucking Jim's cock clean.

"Clean up, Sharon, bitch," said Jim.

Sharon looked at Robin and smiled as she spread her legs.

Robin climbed over and started to tentatively licking at Robin's wet, sloppy cunt.

"Go down with gusto, bitch!" said Sharon as she grabbed Robin's head and forced it down into her crotch.

Robin started using her tongue more aggressively and started lapping hungrily at Sharon's pussy though desperately not wanting to do any of this. She held her breath, trying her best not to smell or taste Sharon's pussy juice and Jim's cum.

After a minute, Robin felt she was finished and raised her head. Her mouth was coated with pussy juice and cum. Sharon laughed at her. Robin was very horny now having to obey Sharon and Jim and complete her humiliating tasks.

  1. Jim and Sharon find a humiliating way to have Robin reach orgasm
  2. Rick shows up and Sharon and Jim make Robin be his fuck toy for the night
  3. Sharon has a special slave outfit for Robin
  4. Robin finds a loophole and tries to escape
  5. *SE
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