Shantae Curves: Necrophilia?

Unending BE - episode 1074408

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"Well, it's an interesting story, really," Shantae began, trying to maintain her originally-childish vocal tone. She could have taken Rotty right there, but making it so that her prey didn't even suspect her power creeping over them was a lot more fun. "There I was on Mt. Pointy, looking for some artifacts to give to Mimic, when suddenly this big sword-wielding birdman flew in. He said that he ruled the roost and I wasn't invited to his nest, so he drew his sword and challenged me to a fight."

"Ooo, I like this already," Rotty squealed. "Nothing like a fight-story to get the blood pumping... well, if I still had any in me."

Choosing her words carefully, Shantae continued. "Anyway, we fought right there. His offense was long and hard, pushing ever forward, ever relentless..." Shantae leaned forward, giving Rotty a nice view of her cleavage. It got the anticipated result, as the zombie couldn't help but look at her beautiful fleshy orbs. "He came at me faster... faster... faster... I was barely able to gasp for air against him, as he wouldn't stop... couldn't stop." The succubus was breathing heavily, pushing her breasts outward each time and she could tell that the zombie was losing her will fast.

"... go... go on." Rotty managed to moan, as if she was in a trance.

''But not just yet,'' Shantae told herself. "And then, he went and cut my ponytail off. Now with no way to attack him, he moved in for the kill, and so I began to dance. Slowly at first, but as the magic flowed into me, my motions became faster... slicker... smoother. Crawling across my skin like a most delicate touch, caressing me and promising me forbidden dreams made flesh. And with a flash," Shantae's eyes grew bright-yellow, and Rotty obediently lurched forward. "I became your master."

"Yes... master..."

"Now," Shantae pulled Rotty forward into her face, just stopping a centimeter short of kissing her. "Tell me you love me."

"I do..."

"And that you will do everything I say..."

  1. *"I will..."
  2. "I won't!"
  3. Somebody shows up to save Rotty, but is it too late already?
  4. Something Else...
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