The Board Game: Rick Doesn't Get a Change

Unending BE - episode 1074372

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The die landed on a "1". Rick moved his game piece a single place ahead, landing it on a blank space with the words "Do Not Take Card". Both Candace's and Jim's pieces were already on that spot, meaning that Rick would normally be forced to take on the same changes as them. But because it was a "Do Not Take Card" space, Candace and Jim (who was possessed by Sharon, at the time) never had a change, and so, now Rick didn't have one either.

Rick was both disappointed and relieved. Relieved because he wasn't forced to reverse his change in the same manner that Jim had. Just the thought of becoming straight again, oddly, was unpleasant to him. He still remembered what it was like, but it was no longer appealing to him. In fact, he was actually looking forward to gay sex ... if only he could talk Jim into doing it with him. But he was also disappointed because he didn't get to have a chance for a change that was more to his liking. He'd have to wait until the next round to get another chance.

"I guess it's my turn now," Candace said, hesitatingly. She was lucky to have landed on a "Do Not Take Card" space in Round One, but she wasn't sure her luck would continue. She feared what the game would do to her.

Reluctantly, she grabbed the die, crossed her fingers (hoping that she'd get a "5", as that would land her on another "Do Not Take Card" spot), and tossed it. A moment later, the die stopped on ...

  1. 1 ... Candace's Piece Moves to a Red-Colored Spot With the Words "Lose a Turn"
  2. 2 ... Candace's Piece Moves to a Blue-Colored Spot With the Words "Roll Again"
  3. 3 ... Candace's Piece Moves to a Blank Spot
  4. 4 ... Candace's Piece Moves to a Blank Spot With the Words "Lose a Turn"
  5. 5 ... Candace's Piece Moves to a Blank Spot With the Words "Do Not Take Card"
  6. 6 ... Candace's Piece Moves to a Gold-Colored Spot ... According to the Instructions, This Causes All Changes Made So Far to Shift From Each Player (or Chair) to the Next One, Going Clockwise Around the Table (See Episode 1073470 - In a Separate Branch - For an Example)
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