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Sun Apr 5 01:32:29 2015

Hey, we already have two Great Shift restarts in this restart thread alone: Restart 111 and Restart 151.

No harm in having a third one though.

Sun Apr 5 01:45:27 2015

Sorry with how intricate the web of storylines can be these things can get lost.

The Mirror Man
Sun Apr 5 05:53:32 2015

Since we're talking about semi famous tf story settings, is their an episode for the madelian of Zulo?

Sun Apr 5 20:20:56 2015

Someone started a Jim thread here -- but it never went very far and I'm not sure it followed the rules very well. There's never been a generic Restart for Medallion of Zulo (or Altered Fates, its proper name).

The Mirror Man
Sun Apr 5 21:59:32 2015

I'll have to start that thread then once the next day starts