Waking up Massively Pregnant Metroid: Side-effect

Unending BE - episode 1074230

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Gandrayda turned around and looked over Samus one more time. "My word, those are some marvelous milkers, Sammy. You've got quite the future in the dairy industry."

Samus looked down at herself, realizing Gandrayda was right. She had been too taken aback by the sheer size of her belly to notice anything else about her figure, but her breasts had grown significantly as well. They were far larger than her head now, almost the size of small beach balls. Each one rested heavily on her chest, and she could feel a fullness in them she hadn't felt before. Their expanded size seemed to make them much more sensitive, and she swore she could feel milk rushing through them with every beat of her heart. Her nipples were rock-hard and stuck out stiffly in the cool air, a small trickle of milk leaking from them.

Gandrayda licked her lips. "Human milk really is quite the delicacy, I must admit. I shouldn't indulge myself, but..." She leant over and lightly grasped one of Samus' nipples between her lips, flicking it slightly with her tongue. This was all the stimulation Samus needed to begin letting down in earnest, and milk began flowing freely from her other nipple, a steady stream flowing back down the massive slopes of her breast. A couple of drops fell in her mouth and she grimaced - but Gandrayda was right, the taste wasn't half bad.

Gandrayda continued suckling at Samus' breast for a couple of minutes, eyes closed in delight and tongue deftly working her nipple. Samus wasn't sure if there was anything she could say that wouldn't make the situation any more awkward, so she just lay there in silence, feeling slightly aroused by the release of milk and Gandrayda's ministrations. Finally the alien detached her self from the nipple and licked her lips once again, although milk continued to flow from it. "Deee-licious. I really shouldn't have too much of it though, human milk is so nutritious. You be careful not to have too much yourself Sammy, you're going to get fat." She poked Samus' colossal, two-meter tall belly playfully.

  1. Gandrayda decides to have more fun with Samus
  2. Gandrayda leaves, but reprograms one of her machines to keep Samus occupied for a while.
  3. Samus discovers yet another side effect of her colossal pregnancy
  4. *Gandrayda leaves, and Samus goes about her day, beginning with trying to get her milk under control.
  5. Something else
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