Samus' Swap Wand: Feeling peachy

Unending BE - episode 1074224

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When Samus' eyesight returned, something felt a bit off, and her head felt funny. She tried to collect her thoughts. What was the last thing she heard? Tea party? That sounded great, actually?

"Princess, wait!" Samus called, her normal neutral expression replaced with a cheery smile. "A tea party sounds great, I'll be there!"

"That's nice to hear, I shall see you there." Responded a now less bubbly Peach. She would have prefered to call it a social get-together over a tea party, but the name seemed more attractive to the other ladies. This would be the first time Samus showed up, the surprisingly cheerful and feminine bounty hunter hadn't attended such an event before for some reason. Samus's bright nature clashed with Peach's more serious attitude, who didn't reflect her bright pink fashion sense as much as one might expect, but she was pleasant enough.

Meanwhile Samus had already begun to look forward to it, but decided that she had to wear something more appropriate for meeting with royalty. She clutched the Wand in her hand, and suddenly knowledge rushed through her as the Wand's intended knowledge-granting ability came into effect. Unfortunately for Samus, her lack of awareness of the Wand's powers at the time meant she didn't realise that she had swapped her personality. As far as she was aware, she had always been like this.

"This wand can swap anything? Oh my, this is interesting." Samus said. She wondered if it was a leftover from one of the arena. She didn't remember anything like it on the item list... still, she could have some fun with it!

Samus decided to...

  1. Not use the Wand to change anything for now, and track down something to wear.
  2. *Use the Wand to switch clothes with somebody. After all, her wardrobe was lacking for clothes suitable for a tea party.
  3. Have some fun and use the Wand to swap bodies with somebody.
  4. Have some fun and use the Wand to swap traits with somebody.
  5. Something else.
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