Jim agrees to be a test subject

Unending BE - episode 1074215

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She looked up and smiled and said, "Have a seat Jim. Your hear because I believe you would be a perfect test subject."
Jim confused, "For what?"
The nurse said, "I cant tell you just yet all you need to know is I got permission from the school board as well as your parents."
The nurse smiled, "So will you be the test subject."
Jim wanted to say no but not only was Nurse Anderson showing him her blue eyes but Jim could see her cleavage being weak he said, "Sure."
The Nurse said, "Great
Jim is now the test subject for

  1. *Fertility Drug with Bimbo Side Effect
  2. Putting a male in a futa school to help them
  3. Does going to school naked vs cloth make students better
  4. Does being treated like a baby make students better behaved
  5. Does constant anal and penis stimulation help
  6. SE
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