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Unending BE - episode 1074118

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Ricky felt like she had just been changed and when she looked down her nasty cock was gone. She looked back at Edith and the sight of her huge, throbbing dick made her pussy almost gush in anticipation.
"How are you feeling?" she asked Ricky and the sound of her voice made Ricky shiver in pleasure.
"Sooo good!" she responded and couldn't help but to let her hands run over her huge tits, then began massaging her pussy. "But soo horny." Her focus switched from whatever they were talking about to her sudden urges "I need a cock inside me!" she moaned while she worked her tits and pussy as good as she could, yet she knew without her permission she wouldn't be able to cum.
"Then I'll give you mine." Edith rose up from the chair and towards the squirming Ricky with her huge cock throbbing and bouncing with every step.
"You are such a wonderful mistress, mistress." Ricky whispered back and shifted to allow her to enter her waiting pussy as she pleased.

Edith loved the sight of her now completely submissive girlfriend, how she was just laying there, ready to be commanded, and horny like hell. She knew she would eventually turn her back to her boyfriend, but for the moment she wanted to live out this fantasy. Having a cock made her feel so dominant. She was the one who decided sex from now on, especially since Ricky was now horny and ready basically all the time. And those boobs! She didn't know why, but she realized that she had a fetish for big tits. Probably because she had big ones herself since forever and she just loved how the others looked at her jealous of her assets. She made her own ones slightly bigger as well, but just a few cup sizes, because she knew how difficult life was with huge tits. Ricky however had knockers the size basket-balls, even bigger probably, yet they were in perfect shape thanks to the magic of that program, and sensitive, like the rest of her body. She would have serious issues going through her life with those tits, but this was just another part of her fetish in torturing her.

Edith decided to skip foreplay and enter her right away. The moment she felt her huge dick enter Ricky's watering pussy made her realize the power she now hold over her. And how her increased sensitivity made her twitch and moan uncontrollably in reaction was the icing on the cake. Ricky was now completely at her whim, helplessly bound by her own pleasure thanks to Edith's huge dick. She began pumping her dickit in and out of her tight pussy slowly at first, then faster. Edith had made sure her dick was just a little too big for that slit so Ricky would feel a bit of pain, yet the pleasure would make up for that three times. And the expression of pain and pleasure mixing up on her face was priceless. She buried her face in Ricky's massive cleavage and enjoyed how tit-flesh was wrapping all around her head as well as the squeaky sounds of joy that came from her lover.
"Work my tits!" she commanded her "Work them good, slut!" and Ricky did as instructed. Edith couldn't help but to laugh at her total domination over her ex-boyfriend and him being totally oblivious to it. And he would stay like that unless she decided to make him remember.
"I said work them good!" she yelled at Ricky pretending to be angry, but then she knew that at the level of pleasure she must feel right now thanks to her increased sensitivity, she wouldn't even be able to stand if her life would depend on it. Yet without her direct permission she wouldn't be able to cum. Another part in her long list of domination that turned Edith on so much. With her hands on her tits and her cock in her pussy Edith knew she wouldn't be able to keep herself from cuming for long, but when she was allowed to cum was another question.

  1. Edith is in a good mood and allows Ricky to cum whenever she came.
  2. Edith is evil as usual and denies her orgasms until she was reduced to a horny puddle of a girl that would do everything for relief. And then she made her cum for a full five minutes.
  3. After the best sex she ever had, Edith decides to restore Rick's mind at least but keeps the body for now.
  4. They went on fucking for hours, but eventually became thirsty and hungry. Edith kept Ricky as she was, as she wanted to see how she would go through her day with boobs like that.
  5. Something else.
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