Jim Lack of WP: Grounded

Unending BE - episode 1074083

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Jim felt strange laying on the floor tiny, naked and cuming in front of his mother, but she didn't seem to find any of this strange. Probably in a world where everyone - but Jim - had their WP, this was something parents got used to. One thing however didn't change: she was angry at him despite the fact that it wasn't his fault at all.
"This is like the fifth time this month you forgot your WP and the fifth time I have to clean up after you..." she continued yelling at him, then she paused and tried to calm herself down. Jim realized that while that woman definitely was his mother, she looked a lot hotter than he remembered. But then if you could make all your wishes come true, there wouldn't be any need to look old anymore. "You will be grounded for the rest of the day." she suddenly continued and Jim felt his back hair raising "And as a punishment I will NOT fix your mess, so you learn something. WP transport Jim to his room and..."

Jim suddenly appeared in his room on his bed like he was. Confused he looked around the now huge bed relative to his size and then suddenly felt a tingle in his whole body and he began to grow. Obviously his mom didn't mean everything when she said she won't fix him, but then walking around the size of a Barbie doll would make a lot of things complicated. A few seconds later Jim was back to his old size, but that was about everything she had fixed. He still came constantly and when he checked his crotch he found nothing but a slit dripping a warm fluid. Other than that he looked like his own self hunked up for good, like the strange girl he met on the street made him. Jim flexed his enhanced muscles and realized that this didn't look bad at all, and if it wouldn't be for the pussy and lack of cock he would probably be a lady killer in his old reality.
"The world processor!" Jim suddenly remembered and jumped off his bed and rushed towards the door.

Now Jim had been grounded many times, and he had ignored that many times, too, but this time his mom could enforce it with an almighty tool that Jim didn't have, or rather didn't have in his room. For that reason Jim stood almost a minute at his wide open door and tried to walk through it, he even tried to let himself fall through it, but he just couldn't. He just stood there motionless and stared into the hallway, separated by his solution to this crazy world by only a few stairs, and he couldn't leave his room, because his mother made it so. And the constant cuming gnawed on his serenity with every passing second. It wasn't too strong, he could still think and move, but it was present. His pussy and belly muscles twitched and his legs felt weak. It did feel good, which was probably the worst thing about it: despite all, Jim couldn't get himself to hate it, just because it felt so good. And unless someone would free him soon, he would be stuck like this till his mother or someone else decides to release him.

  1. Jim decides to call his best friend Rick, who would for sure help him, or won't he?
  2. Jim decides to call his girlfriend Sharon, but will she help or take advantage of his helplessness?
  3. *Hours later his sister Robin comes back from her date and when Jim's hands suddenly began masturbating his slit as programmed, she feels like mocking him even more.
  4. Eventually Jim finds a loop-hole, because he still was allowed to leave to the bathroom if he had to.
  5. Something else.
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