Jim Comes out to Sharon

Unending BE - episode 1074069

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Jim needed to see Sharon, he was more attracted to his girlfriend then pretty much any woman on the planet, if seeing her didn't turn him on...then he must have become gay. How that made sense...how something like that could even happen Jim didn't know, but before he did or decided anything he needed to see his girlfriend. He walked back across campus to visit his girlfriend's dorm. All around him he saw men who he never would have noticed before but now just turned him on. He checked out a lot of male butts and packages. The girl's all seemed to fade into the background. Jim knocked on the door of Sharon's room and she opened up quickly. He saw her big boobs, and her long legs and full ass and...felt nothing. "Hey Jim, what's going on?" Sharon asked. At first Jim wanted to fake it, pretend he was still straight and hope whatever happened just...went away. But Jim somehow knew it wasn't going to just go away. Sharon had been a great girlfriend and she was a wonderful woman, He thought she deserved the truth. "Sharon...it's hard for me to tell you this, but I'm gay. Totally and completely gay." Jim said. "Are you serious?" Sharon asked. "Yeah. Yeah I am." Jim said hanging his head. He was sure Sharon was going to be furious and embarrassed. If she believed him. Hell, he didn't yet entirely believe it either

  1. *Sharon smiles and say's, "I knew it" she is very accepting. Did realty change in some other way?
  2. Jim is right, Sharon is furious and swears to ruin his life.
  3. Sharon doesn't belive Jim, she asks him to prove it.
  4. Something else
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