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Tue Mar 17 00:40:56 2015

Just a little extension of the last episode... :)

I've been holding this back for the Count's next entry, but this shouldn't interfere with any previously planned episodes.

Count Sparks
Wed Mar 18 22:00:11 2015

This was great! Sorry I didn't comment sooner. Got sick on Sunday night =(

One question though. What does Nikki consider sexy? This ep implied that tastes have changed thanks to the increase in the bimbo population to the point that Victoria's Secret is considered Mom-Wear, but a previous ep implied that Nikki was dressed pretty modestly. Does she have ridiculously sexy underwear beneath that hoodie or does she dress more casually around the house?

Thu Mar 19 00:11:56 2015

Thanks, Count. I hope you're feeling better now.

Had an idea that Trendz (slut-wear) would be the new normal. VS can be revealing, but to me it never seemed that 'trampy'.

As to what Nikki thinks is sexy? Your call, dude. I'd love to see what sort of sexy things she has under her hoodie. :)