A sex club in another city

Unending BE - episode 1074047

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They set down in another city outside of a brick-and-mortar building in the upper-class part of town. The sisters led Robin inside past the bouncer who just nodded to them and waved them in the powerpuff girls apparently being a familiar face to him.
Robin blushed a little at what she saw, low bass music filled the air, the middle of the room was a dance floor that looked sunk into the ground by a few feet, on the far side of the dance floor was a stage where two women were grinding against one another for a very appreciative audience. The higher floor mostly had well used lounge furniture and tables. On the left hand wall was a bar.

And occupying all of this work dozens of half and fully naked men and women fucking and enjoying themselves.

Robin was a little stunned and more than they are turned on by what she was looking at but came back to reality when her girlfriends...

  1. Lead her to a private room.
  2. Lead her to the lounge area.
  3. Told her to have fun while they went backstage, the Powerpuff Girls were going to perform.
  4. Something else.
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