Witch's Mansion: Passage to the Fairy Fountain!

Unending BE - episode 1074033

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Gravel crunched underneath Samus’s feet as she trekked deeper and deeper into the cave, going through winding passages and slight dips taking her further down. With no enemies, no allies, no items to pick up or examine, or really anything else breaking up the monotony save the glowing mushroom that provided her faint lighting, Samus began to wonder if moving forward had been a good idea after all. Maybe she should turn around, return to where she had entered the cave, and try to find her way back into the hallway…

However, those thoughts were interrupted when Samus stepped into a much larger cavern, about the size of the foyer she had appeared in when she arrived at this place. The main feature of the area was a large pool that took up much of the floor, which glowed with a light that seemed to come from somewhere under the water, and was much brighter than the mushrooms. Thin rock columns extended from the ceiling to, presumably, the bottom of the pool in various places, spaced strangely evenly for being an apparently natural formation.

At that point, the area grew a bit brighter as several orbs of light emerged from various places in the cavern, most from areas where there didn’t seem to be any spots to hide at all. They floated through the air over the pool, diving and whirling playfully around each other. Curious, Samus looked closer, and realized that the lights were actually tiny figures appearing to be much like human women, except for being around six inches in height, having glossy, insectlike wings protruding from their backs, and emitting that odd glow.

“Excuse me!” Samus asked of the tiny creatures, hoping that they could understand her. “Could you tell me who you are, and where exactly I am?” The only answer she received was a symphony of giggling as the fairylike beings floated towards her, then began circling around her body. The bounty hunter eyed the tiny females curiously, not sure whether or not to be suspicious of them as the giggling continued.

  1. The fairies cast a spell on Samus, expanding her body in some way.
  2. The fairies cast a spell on Samus, making her more cheerful and possibly ditzier.
  3. *The fairies cast a spell on Samus, turning her into a fairy like them.
  4. The fairies eventually start speaking to Samus, directing her to wade into the pool.
  5. The fairies eventually start speaking to Samus, giving her some useful information.
  6. Something Else.
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