Wild Ch1ld Ranko: The Angel in Kasumi

Unending BE - episode 1074017

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Wings of the purest white light unfolded from Kasumi. Ranko could compare them to only angel wings. They helped to lift the head and torso of a woman. She did not look like the eldest Tendo sister, she had hair the color of the Sun, floating weightlessly above her. Ranko thought it was better than a halo.

Ranko had seen the many smiles of Kasumi's, but she had never seen the one she now had as she spoke, “Yes: Yes! I can hear my higher self! Please, do me the honor and let me hear your name, again. Every time you leave me, I forget it. Holy Bell.... Oh, my, yes, that's a wonderful name! What? You cannot stay long? I wish you could.” Her smile lost its luster, “Yes, that's true; I understand. I did transgress. Will you please forgive me, or at least help me repair the damage I caused? You will! Oh, thank you from my deepest heart, Holy Bell!”

Kasumi prayed, “The fault is my own; let none other suffer. Undo the damage I have caused. Turn back time, that forgiveness may show. Put back together the pieces that once were one, re-pair them in holy union.” The angel rising from Kasumi's back lifted up her arm and then her voice, and Kasumi followed. Together as one they sang a celestial song as bright and pure as the light, its words so sublime that human ears could only translate into simple, beautiful syllables.

The dust, plaster, splinters and wood pieces, and the door stirred from where they lay , and rose. Not in a cloud but in an ordered manner, each staying separate from anything living. They moved to where they once had been, joining with others as they came nearer in larger forms, until, at last, there was no sign that anything had happened to to the entry hall.

“Oh, my, yes! Thank you, Holy....” Kasumi searched for a name that was no longer there. Her higher power was still there, only a more “distant” part. It did leave her something. Over her arm was the Chinese outfit that had been dropped on the floor. Ranma's clothes.

  1. Kasumi and everyone else have forgotten what they saw just before Holy Bell appeared.
  2. *Everyone else has forgotten what they saw just before Holy Bell appeared.
  3. Only the members of the Reverse Martial Arts school remember.
  4. Only Nabiki has forgotten what she saw just before Holy Bell appeared.
  5. Something unwanted saw what happened.
  6. Something else
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